The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a special health alert on November 5, 2009. The alert warned consumers about pet treats manufactured by Pet Carousel™, located in Sanger, California, contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. The products in question include pig ears and beef hooves distributed to retail and pet food chain stores.

The affected products include the following brand names sold in both bulk and retail packaging: Pet Carousel™, Doggie Delight™, Dentley’s™, and Choo Hooves™. More specifically, the pig ear products that are part of the alert include those packaged under the brand names Pet Carousel™ and Doggie Delight™. While the affected beef hooves products include those distributed under the brand names Pet Carousel™, Doggie Delight™, Dentley’s™, and Choo hooves™.

It was during routine testing by the FDA during September 2009 that a positive result for Salmonella was detected. This led to further inspections of the manufacturing facility in question by the FDA. This testing detected the presence of further Salmonella contamination in beef hooves and pig ears in particular, and the overall manufacturing area.

Salmonella infection signs to look for in pets include lethargic activity, diarrhea and bloody stool, vomiting, and fever. Some pets only show a decreased appetite, abdominal pains, and fever when exposed to Salmonella, while others may show no signs but still carry the infection, infecting other pets or even humans. Handling of the affected pet treats or contaminated pets can likewise infect humans.

Consumers who want to file a complaint about pet food products regulated by the FDA can call a consumer complaint coordinator in their area.