Reducing Hairballs in Cats

Reducing Hairballs in Cats If you are a cat parent, you have definitely been left little slimy gifts known as hairballs around your house at one point or another. These unpleasant and inevitable surprises are simply a result of your cat’s regular grooming routine. When your cat grooms itself, its tongue has a rough texture that grabs all of its loose and dead hair, which your cat then swallows. How Hairballs Start Most of this hair gets digested, with no issue. However, some of it stays in the stomach and forms a hairball. Your cat then vomits the hairball to rid himself of it. Logically, long-haired cats such as Persians… Read More Continue Reading

Top 5 Dog-Friendly Plants and How to Care for Them

Top 5 Dog-Friendly Plants and How to Care for Them  Spring is here, and with it often comes a desire for beautifying your property with a variety of flowers, trees, and shrubs. However, many pet owners have to think first before planting, as many plant varieties can be poisonous to dogs. Don’t take chances with your dog’s health when planting this spring. Here are five different dog-friendly plants that will give your home’s landscaping wonderful curb appeal.   Pineapple Sage Pineapple sage plants smell incredible. They attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees with their pink, tubelike flowers. Pineapple sage flowers can be used to add flavor to foods such as fruit… Read More Continue Reading

Calming a Hyperactive Dog

Calming a Hyperactive Dog Whether you call your dog “high-energy” or hyperactive, a dog that has an excess of energy can become quite a challenge to a loving dog owner. There are many factors that may be driving their behavior. One of these may simply have to do with nothing more than a predisposition to have a lot of energy, due to their breed. Other dogs are bored and need more stimulation. If you approach the situation on different levels, you may have better luck in calming your hyperactive dog. Get Your Dog Moving Is your pup getting enough exercise? Do some research on how much physical activity your dog’s… Read More Continue Reading

Teaching Your Dog to Respect His Boundaries

Teaching Your Dog to Respect His Boundaries It is very important to teach your dog where he can and cannot go. Otherwise, he or she may think it is fair game to just wander out into the neighbor’s yard, or god forbid, out into the road! Even inside of the house, you don’t want your dog to think he has free reign. Perhaps you don’t want your dog to have access to your bedroom, or another specific area of your choice. It is up to you to train your dog to keep out of these off-limits areas. Physical Boundaries Logically, one easy way of showing your dog where his boundaries… Read More Continue Reading

10 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

10 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day 1. Make your pet feel extra special National Pet Day is here! Celebrated on April 11th, National Pet Day was founded in 2006 by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, and Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige. Its intention is to celebrate the joy that pets bring to our lives. Taking this a step further, she wants this day to be about recognizing the plight of many different kinds of animals that are awaiting a forever home. 2. Adopt a pet from your local shelter Adopting a pet saves a life. No doubt about it. Providing you are ready to adopt, there is no better… Read More Continue Reading

Pet Custody After a Breakup – What You Need to Know

Many people consider their pets part of their family. So many show their dog or cat just as much love as their spouse or children. What happens when a couple decides they cannot be together anymore? What to do when that happy family has to part ways? If you’ve ever dealt with pet custody, you probably know that it can be a very sticky situation. Here, we discuss different considerations for when you’re dealing with pet custody. Pet Custody in Court If you are considering who will obtain pet custody, the first thing to consider would be if both people want the pet. Sometimes when a couple gets a pet,… Read More Continue Reading

Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed Guide

While we love talking about some of the most popular breeds, we also enjoy introducing less-familiar breeds to our readers. One such breed is the Canadian Eskimo Dog. This is a breed of ancient or primitive dog that have been bred by people for hundreds of years. While most people think of the Husky as being the dog of the North, that honor might more correctly go to the Canadian Eskimo Dog. In recent years though, the breed has been threatened with extinction. Read below to learn more about this breed. Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed History This breed of dog has long been used as a workhorse for the native… Read More Continue Reading

Top 10 Dog Breeds for 2019

There are some people who are simply happy owning a dog, no matter the breed. Some people prefer to have a certain breed. Because certain dog breeds become more popular than others, the American Kennel Club has posted a breed popularity list for several years. In this article, we’ll go through the top 10 dog breeds we think will be popular in 2019. Top 10 Dog Breeds Past and Present 10. Pointers Pointers are a great medium sized dog. They make wonderful companions for the outdoorsman, but also thrive with lots of love. Families are this dog’s best friend. But the family better be active. These pups need a lot… Read More Continue Reading

How to Train a Dog to Sit

Have you gotten a new puppy for the first time? You’re probably excited to have a companion that you can train to be your best friend. You can have a friend based on a mutual loving and respectful relationship. But knowing where you stand takes a lot of trust. Learning tricks or skills is one way you both can learn from each other. If you want to learn how to train a dog to sit, you’re in luck because today that’s the skill we’re talking about. Read below to learn about training your dog to sit. The First Step in How to Train a Dog to Sit There really in… Read More Continue Reading

How to Stop a Dog from Chewing

How to Stop a Dog From Chewing How many times has this scenario played out in your life? You come home from a long day at work or a night out with friends only to find a trail of torn up items leading to your dog’s favorite spot. If this has happened, you’ve probably asked yourself what to do about this behavior. You’re in luck today because in this article we discuss how to stop a dog from chewing up your house. Why Do Dogs Chew? Dogs can chew for several reasons. If they are a puppy, they might just be exploring their world. Just like how babies like to… Read More Continue Reading