Finding a Break

Finding and Fixing a Wire Break

Steve Johnson
Finding and Fixing a Wire Break

Sometimes, you will get a wire break in your dog fence wire. There is a higher risk of this happening if your dog fence came with a cheaper wire. You will know there is a break because your transmitter box may be beeping and flashing. Here are two different ways for finding a wire break, starting with the easiest method.

Finding a Wire Break by Visually Inspecting

How do wire breaks happen? Most commonly, someone has ran an edger, aerator or other device across the wire. These types of wire breaks can commonly be found just by walking along the path where the wire runs, and looking for a location that looks like it has recently been dug up. In addition to this, check the connections between the wire and transmitter as well as all of the splices, as these are common locations where the wire can become broken.

Finding a Break Using a Wire Break Locator Kit

A wire break can be located by using a PetSafe Wire Break Locator Kit. The kit has a mini transmitter and an AM radio.

Based upon our testing, we have determined that this device only works well for fence systems with less than 500 feet of wire. The wire breaks must be clean. This locator is not effective for finding decaying or partial wire breaks.

  1. Turn your dog fence transmitter off
  2. Connect your twisted wire to your Petsafe Wire Break Locator
  3. Ground the sending unit. The sending unit can be grounded using the enclosed wire to the center screw of an electrical outlet.
  4. Plug in the main PetSafe sending unit so that the lights on the transmitter are lit
  5. Turn the supplied AM radio on, and turn the station to 530 KHZ. You may need to adjust the dial to a channel that doesn’t have a radio station.
  6. Begin following the twisted wire with the radio towards the main dog fence loop. You will hear a combination of 2 tones as you follow the twisted wire. Should there be a break in the twisted wire, the tone will slowly switch from 2 tones to one tone.
  7. Should everything check out fine from the twisted wire, begin following the main dog fence loop. Only one steady tone will be heard. Follow the dog fence wire until the tone begins to change, or decreases. Dig around this area and locate both ends of your broken wire.
  8. Should you run into interference issues, disconnect the twisted wire from the main loop and connect both ends of the main loop to your sending unit. You will need to run an extension cord to your main loop to power it up.

Fixing the Break

Once the break has been found, strip a ½ inch of the coating off of each side of the broken wire. Then, use a weatherproof wire nut to connect to the 2 sides. Should the break be large, you may need to splice in some extra wire so that two sides of the wire can meet.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash