Walking Your Dog

Leonides Ruvalcabar
Walking your dog

Your system is installed and your dog is trained. Many people wonder how they can take their dog for a walk when their dog has learned not to cross the boundary.

During training you take your dog on a walk by taking off their collar receiver, and driving them over the boundary. This should continue for about one month to be certain that the dog will really understand and respect the boundaries.

After the month has passed, you are ready to train the dog without having to drive them over the wire. Begin by picking a spot on your boundary that will serve as your enter and exit point. It is important that you always use this spot to go in and out when you are taking your dog for a walk. The dog fence collar should be removed, and their walking leash and collar should be put on. You can now lead the dog confidently over the entry and exit point that you have chosen. Your dog will learn quickly that they will not be shocked when they are on their leash, and are with you.