8 Great Apps for Dog Walking: Making Your Pup’s Stroll Even Better

8 Great Apps for Dog Walking: Making Your Pup’s Stroll Even Better In today’s digital age, there’s an app for everything, including dog walking! These innovative applications not only make scheduling walks more convenient but also provide valuable features like GPS tracking, real-time updates, and even professional dog walking services. Here are eight top-rated apps that will enhance your dog walking experience: 1. Wag! Wag! is one of the most popular dog walking apps, connecting pet owners with experienced and vetted dog walkers in their area. Users can schedule on-demand or recurring walks, track their dog’s walk via GPS, and receive a report card with details of the walk, including… Read More Continue Reading

Are Dog Walking Apps Safe?

Are Dog Walking Apps Safe? In recent years, dog walking apps have become increasingly popular for pet owners who need assistance in taking care of their furry friends. However, the question arises: are these dog walking apps safe? While some apps have received negative publicity, overall, dog walking apps can be safe and provide a convenient solution for pet owners. Here are some tips to ensure your pet’s safety when using a dog walking app. Do Your Research First and foremost, research the app thoroughly before using it. Check the app’s website, read reviews from other pet owners, and look into the app’s policies and procedures for selecting and vetting… Read More Continue Reading

Best Apps for Pet Owners

Ever since Apps have become a buzzword in the virtual world, animal’s lovers too, have been greatly benefited. These have brought them together to share ideas and valuable information that ranges from anything between how to select the right pets to their care, maintenance, and upkeep. These also inform animal lovers to take in dogs or other animals that have been abandoned by their owners and have saved many a valuable pet’s life from an untimely death. What’s more, these apps are either low-cost or are free! Even someone who is about as bright as Michael Kelso from That 70’s Show knows that is a good deal! 1. ASPCA Mobile… Read More Continue Reading

Top Dog Apps for 2016

Dog Apps Dog apps are a great tool for all dogs and their families. If you are like many dog lovers, you may be looking for a way to connect to dog-related information in a quick and easy fashion. Dog apps are the perfect solution for this! So here we go, charge up your smartphone and take a look at the top dog apps for 2016. iKibble Have you ever been feasting on something and had your dog come up and look at you lovingly, hoping for a bite? In many cases, people foods won’t harm your dog. However, there are particular foods out there that are toxic to dogs,… Read More Continue Reading