Leash Training

After first covering crate training little Fido should now be ready to go for a walk. As with all training there are various ways to achieve dog leash training. There is the ‘alpha dog’ approach, positive reinforcement, and many other opinions on how to get the best behavior out of your dog. Before you get overwhelmed just remember that the end result is to get your dog to behave how you want. How you achieve this is determined by both you and your pet’s personality. Before you start make sure you have all of the right equipment. There are various collars out there to choose from so finding one that… Read More Continue Reading

How to Crate Train Your Puppy

When, how and why are the most common questions people ask about crate training. Dogs are naturally den animals and are instinctual attracted to the idea of having a safe place to sleep, hide from a storm, or just find that peaceful solitude. It is important that crate training be done correctly though to prevent it from becoming a place of punishment or anxiety. We’ll go through some of the important points of crate training. First you want to make sure to pick out a crate that is large enough for your dog. They should be able to stand up, sit and stretch out. It should not be big enough… Read More Continue Reading

Your New Puppy – Puppy Steps

Puppy Steps Taking a new pet into your home can be a very rewarding and exciting experience. And we have all been there with the questions: when can we show him off to all of our neighbors and friends, how quickly can he be house trained, why can’t I take him on a walk? Most vets will recommend waiting until your new puppy has received all of his vaccinations before beginning to start socializing. This can be up to four months but you definitely don’t want to wait that long before you start teaching your puppy to adapt to his new human home. After reading all the material on training… Read More Continue Reading
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Spoiled Dog? Not Mine!

Spoiled Dog?  We are all guilty of it. It may be just tossing a bone to your little furry friend, sharing some table scraps or letting them sleep in your bed, we all like to spoil our companions. While there is a lot of literature and training materials out there that say this is wrong many professional trainers will tell you this by itself is not what causes our dogs to act out in ways we dislike. Much of the unwanted behavior from your pet is a result of rewarding those actions that you want them to stop. Much like babies that cry for a bottle your pet is going… Read More Continue Reading

Adopting A Dog

With overcrowded shelters across the country, and many unwanted pets being put down, adopting a dog can be one of the best ways to find that lifelong companion. There are many things one should consider before adopting a dog. Remember the average lifespan of a dog is 10-15 years so making the lifelong commitment for you and your family and should be well thought out and researched. The following tips will help guide you through the decision and know what to look for. Are you ready for the responsibility? With a pet comes a lot of responsibility and the original upfront cost of purchasing a dog is just the start.… Read More Continue Reading