Step 3 Laying Out the Wire

Before burying the wire, it is important to lay it out above ground and connect it to the transmitter box make sure that everything is working first.

Begin by laying out the sections of wire along the path that you have designed in your plan. When you lay out your wire sections, leave about 20% extra wire to allow for it to be buried. Use twisted wire to connect your boundary wire to the transmitter, and solid boundary wire to create your loop. Next, splice your wire where it is needed, such as splicing your twisted wire to your boundary loop. Bring your twisted wire into your surge protector and then into your transmitter.

Transmitter installation

Plug in your dog fence transmitter. If your transmitter is alarming and flashing, make sure that all of the sections of wire are properly joined. If this is happening, it is letting you know that the dog fence is not operational at that time. Make sure everything is hooked up correctly, and that your boundary wire forms a complete loop.

Follow the programming instructions in your manual to program your transmitter and collar. Now, when you approach the boundary wire, the collar should beep. Now that you know everything is working, you can unplug your transmitter and start burying your wire.