Step 7 Where Do I Place My Boundary Flags?

A woman holding a dog collar to place the flags
Hold the collar at the height of your dog’s neck

The purpose of boundary flags is to give your dog a visual reminder of where the boundary zone is located. The dog’s receiver collar is designed to activate several feet away from the location of your dog fence wire, depending on how you have it set on your transmitter. The flags should be placed just inside of your boundary zone, where the beep happens. To place your flags:

  • Take the collar receiver and walk out to where your boundary wire is located.
  • Hold the collar receiver at the height of your dog’s neck.
  • Approach the wire until you hear the collar begin to start beeping.
  • Place a dog fence flag at the location where you hear the collar begin to beep.
  • Walk back into the safe zone until the beeping stops.
  • Repeat this process around your yard, placing 1 flag every 10 feet until your boundary zone is fully marked.