Building a New Home? Consider These Underground Dog Fences

Perimeter® Ultimate Dog Fence PRO-Grade What stands out about the Perimeter® Ultimate Dog Fence is its collar, which is one of the lightest and smallest collars in the industry. It only weighs 1.1 ounces. The collar is also unique in that its contact points are covered in rubber. This means that it will be more comfortable to your dog. The collar is so waterproof that it can be completely submerged and still work great. It has 4 correction level settings and 1 level that increases progressively as the dog goes toward the boundary line. Instead of the level being set on the collar, it is set on the transmitter. It… Read More Continue Reading

Running an Underground Fence Under a Driveway

Laying an underground dog fence is relatively easy when you are putting the wire in dirt, but what about when you get to the driveway area? Most people don’t want the wire to be exposed, just laying over the driveway. It is going to take a few tools and some effort to get the wire underneath the driveway. Let’s take a look at a few different ways this can be done. Begin by taking a look at your driveway to see if it has an expansion joint. This is a crevice that already exists in the driveway. If you have this, laying the wire is going to be relatively easy.… Read More Continue Reading

Choosing the Right Underground Dog Fence Wire

When purchasing an invisible dog fence, you may wonder which type of underground dog fence wire is the right one. There are two gauges, or wire thicknesses to choose from, 18 or 20. Along with these thicknesses come two different types of wire, stranded wire and solid core wire. Let’s take a look at the differences in these types of invisible dog fence wire. Made of several thin copper wires woven into one, stranded wire is sold in 500 foot spools and is only manufactured in a thickness of 20 gauge. It is easier to work with than solid core, however it is more delicate and it is also more… Read More Continue Reading

A Wireless Dog Fence: Freedom During Summer Road Trips

When it’s time to retire, many Americans are deciding to head out on the road in their RV. When these people have dogs, this can become a precarious situation. Owners have to figure out how they can keep their dogs from running away, yet still give them a degree of freedom. If your dog has been trained to recognize flags from an invisible fence, this allows you to have more choices than you may realize. Your dog requires his own space to enjoy. When you always keep him on a leash, this can become an irritating situation for you and for your dog. If you had your invisible fence at… Read More Continue Reading

Do Invisible Fences Harm Dogs?

How Invisible Fences Work Whether wireless or wired, all invisible fences operate under the same concept. When the dog gets close to the edge of the allotted space, he is giving a warning via an audible beep or a vibration. Flags are also placed around the boundary, to provide visual cues to the dog that he has reached the border. Should he continue on, he receives a mild, static correction. Is this an ethical way to train your dog? Logically, this is the most common question when it comes to invisible fences. Let’s take a look at the most common misconception about invisible fences as they are used with shock… Read More Continue Reading

Differences in Dog Fence Wire

We take a common sense approach in helping you choosing the right wire for your electric dog fence needs. It is important to know that all wires between 20 gauge and our Extreme 14 gauge function the same. The wire you choose is directly buried in the ground and stays there for years through all weather conditions. The reason to choose a heavier wire with a thicker polyethylene coating is to improve the longevity of function without deterioration in this direct ground burial application. Our Extreme wire will last the life of your pet without the environmental breakdown that leads to failure of an electric dog fence wire. The factory grade 20… Read More Continue Reading