5 Ways to Save Money on Pet Food

5 Ways to Save Money on Pet Food Whether we are talking about the cost of a gallon of gas or practically any item on sale in the grocery store, the cost of everything has significantly increased. This definitely includes the price of pet food. Some people feel stuck between a rock and a hard place in knowing what to do about it. Many times, with pet food, you get what you pay for. Buying cheap pet food usually means it is not as nutritious. So, what is a dog or cat parent to do in order to afford quality food for their pets? 1. Get Recommendations From Your Vet… Read More Continue Reading

Pet Safety With Vaping

Pet Safety with Vaping Vaping involves inhaling an aerosol mixture of questionable chemicals known as “e-juice” that has been heated by a battery-powered device. Vape ingredients are composed of nicotine, glycerin, formaldehyde, and sometimes THC. The risks of vaping for humans are similar to cigarette smoking, as you are inhaling nicotine and toxic chemicals. With vaping, toxic metals have also been found in the vapor. If your pet is inhaling the “smoke” it increases their risk of developing respiratory problems and certain types of cancer. The Greatest Risk Although it isn’t healthy for your pets to breathe in the vape smoke, there is a larger concern at hand. If your… Read More Continue Reading

5 Ways to Prepare Your Pets for Fall

5 Ways to Prepare Your Pets for Fall Autumn has arrived! With it comes a change in the air and often a difference in household schedules. Kids are back in school, the days become shorter and many people begin to anticipate the holiday season that will be here before you know it. With all the excitement of pumpkin spice and everything nice, don’t forget to keep the well-being of your pets at the top of your priority list. Here are 5 ways to prepare your pets for fall. 1. Keep Your Pets Groomed Taking your dog to the groomer or doing the best that you know how to yourself should… Read More Continue Reading

Grieving the Death of a Pet

Grieving the Death of a Pet No matter who we have lost, a beloved human being or a furry friend, the grieving process that must be endured is real. Letting go of someone or something into heaven’s arms can be a challenging and humbling experience. So often pets are there for us unconditionally during times in our lives when the skies are grey. Here are a few different ways that may help you move through the stages of grieving the death of a pet. Understand That Its Okay to Be Sad It is completely normal to experience extreme upset or sadness if your pet has just died because they are… Read More Continue Reading

Preparing Your Pets for a Hurricane

Preparing Your Pets for a Hurricane Hurricane season is in full swing, which may or may not affect your family where you live. Just in case, the following is a quick guide on what to do to prepare your pets for a hurricane whether you decide to evacuate or not. Before the Storm Arrives Everyone knows that your local weather forecasters are not always able to predict the path of a storm perfectly, at least until it has almost arrived. Because of this, even if you aren’t sure it is going to hit your town, it is a good idea to be ready just in case it does. Here are… Read More Continue Reading

Telemedicine for Pets

Telemedicine for Pets Telemedicine can be defined as the “art of practicing medicine at a distance.” During the pandemic, many people chose to or may have had no other choice but to share in telemedicine visits with their doctor. As a result, many people appreciated the convenience of being able to visit their doctor in the privacy of their own homes. Did you know that there is also telemedicine for pets? Here are a few frequently asked questions about pet telemedicine. What Types of Issues Can Be Addressed at a Telemedicine Appointment? Logically, not every type of physical concern of your pet is appropriate for a telemedicine appointment. For example,… Read More Continue Reading

How to Cope When You’ve Lost a Pet

Dealing with the loss of a pet is be difficult. Our pets are often our daily companions, but what do you do when they’re not with you anymore? Here’s how to cope when you’ve lost a pet: Members of the Family For many people, their pet is considered part of their family. Their pet isn’t just a cat or dog they live with. Pets are there for them day in and day out. Pets help make them feel better when they’ve had a hard day. Their pet might even give them a reason to get out of bed in the morning. This is why the loss of a pet can… Read More Continue Reading

Pet Grooming Tips

Professional pet grooming can cost a lot of dough! If your dog has long hair, you likely already know how much work it is to keep him or her looking good. The good news is, there are several things you can do at home that will limit how often you need to take your dog to the groomer, which translates into money saved. As long as you aren’t afraid to put in a little effort, here are a few ways that you can groom your dog at home. Bathing Your Dog Many dog owners have developed a bathing routine. If you haven’t, there’s no time like the present! Instead of… Read More Continue Reading

How to Teach Your Bird to Talk

“Polly want a cracker!” Would you like for your bird to talk to you? The first thing you need to figure out if your bird is a kind that is able to speak. Here is a list of birds that can talk: Cockatoo Cockatiel Amazonian Parrot Monk Parakeet Indian Ringneck Monk Parakeet Quaker Parrot Eclectus Hill Myna African Grey Now that you know if them talking is a possibility, let’s talk about how you can work with them and get them to talk. Begin by building a social relationship with your bird. Speak to the bird often, so that it trusts you and gets used to your voice. Speaking in… Read More Continue Reading

Unusual Animals That Make the Best Pets

Silkie Chicken If you have never seen a Silkie chicken, you are in for a sweet and cuddly surprise. They have been called the teddy bears of the poultry world. Silkies are perfect chickens for those who have never bought a bird before. Their main defining feature is their downy soft and fluffy plumage that can be white, black, grey or gold. Silkies come in standard or bearded varieties. A bearded Silkie has a beard and muffs. They all have a black face, bones and skin and their flesh is a very dark grey-blue. They have 5 toes on each foot. The Silkie has their silky feathers because they don’t… Read More Continue Reading