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At eXtreme Dog Fence, our product line ranges from professional grade dog fence systems to dog fence wire, accessories, and everything in between. We pride ourselves on the quality of our American electric dog fence products backed by outstanding customer service that is here to help.

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  • Flap NEW Medium

    eXtreme Replacement Door Single Flap – Medium

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  • New Medium Dual Flap

    eXtreme Replacement Door Dual Flap – Medium

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  • M Single Flap

    eXtreme Single Flap Aluminum Dog Door – Medium

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  • M Dual Flap

    eXtreme Dual Flap Aluminum Dog Door – Medium

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  • Medium Door with Tunnel

    eXtreme Aluminum Dog Door for Walls – Medium

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  • PlexiDor Wall SM White

    eXtreme Dog Fence Wall Series

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