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  • Does the gauge of wire really matter?
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Amazon: Customer Reviews Of Our Dog Fence Products

professional dog fence | dog fence kits Great product and service! Highly…

By Mike O. on 07/10/2018

We live in rural Alabama. We had used one of the radio type dog fences for our 3 German Shepherds for some time, they knew that there were places they could get out and not get penalized. We purchased this and installed approx 1400 ft of wire without any splices except where the twisted wire connects it to the unit. I started…

Mike’s full comment
professional dog fence | dog fence kits a police K9 handler and was looking…

By lindsee on 03/14/2018

I am a police K9 handler and was looking for the best underground fencing system to help protect my K9 at home. I came across this Extreme Dog Fence system that I was very interested in for the fact that it came with everything I was looking for and could not find anywhere else. I could not find any other fencing system that came…

Lindsee’s full comment
professional dog fence | dog fence kits Great System & Customer Service…

By LabLover on 0712/2014

Very easy to wire and install components. We ran 1,500′ of wire to cover two acres +, and HIGHLY recommend renting a good trencher, or a landscaper-quality lawn edger. We rented a professional grade edger for $50 a day, and it cut a perfect 3″ deep trench, 1/2″ wide (it could go from one-inch to six-inch depth). My husband…

LabLover’s full comment
professional dog fence | dog fence kits Quality product. Very pleased with purchase…

By Jim F. on 10/15/2018

I’m one to research the heck out of things, and I narrowed my wired dog fence system down to two and chose this. Two weeks later I couldn’t be more pleased. I wanted smallest collar unit to be least cumbersome to my dog, yet durable and most features and level of settings. I went with pro grade option and …

Jim’s full comment