On November 4, 2009, PetSmart™ issued a recall for two of its Dentley’s Beef Hooves™ products. The affected products shipped from the company’s Pet Carousel plant in Sanger, California, to three of its distribution centers located in Newman, Georgia; Groveport, Ohio; and Ottawa, Illinois.

The affected products include Dentley’s Bulk Cattle Hoof™, UPC number 73725703323 and Dentley’s 10 Pack Beef Hooves™, UPC number 73725736055. Both products were manufactured between October 2, 2009 and November 3, 2009.

In addition to recalling the affected batches, PetSmart™ has also removed the product in question from all of its U.S. stores. As a final measure, PetSmart™ put in place a register block to keep any of the product in question from being sold. PetPerks™ customers with a valid email address, also received an alert from the company, and the product was removed from the PetSmart.com Website.

The reason for the recall was for possible contamination from salmonella bacteria. Salmonella can cause diarrhea and signs of other systemic infections in dogs, though many dogs usually do not show any signs of infection from salmonella.

If you think your dog has been exposed to the affected products, PetSmart™ recommends owners contact a medical professional. In addition, consumers who bought the product can return it to any PetSmart™ retail location for a complete refund or product exchange.

Consumers who wish to contact PetSmart™ for more information about the recall 
can call its customer service line at 1-888-839-9638.