How to Use a Dog Clicker

How to Use a Dog Clicker If you’ve been considering how to train your dog, you’ve probably heard of clicker training. How to use a dog clicker is not too difficult, but it takes discipline. If you’re willing to put in the time, you’ll be rewarded by a dog who will do almost anything. Clicker training a dog is not too difficult, and today we’ll run through some of the basics of clicker training. What is a Dog Clicker? An actual dog clicker comes in a few forms. The simplest one is just a small plastic box that contains a crimped piece of metal. When the piece of metal is… Read More Continue Reading

What is a Designer Dog?

What is a Designer Dog? If you’ve been considering a new dog, you’ve most likely thought about what kind of dog you’d like. What temperament should they have? What size fits in your lifestyle? Purebred dogs have always been popular because they usually have set characteristics that most dogs don’t deviate from. But these dogs are not always a perfect match. Because of this, designer dogs have become very popular in the last few years. You’re in luck today if you’ve asked, “what is a designer dog?” We’ll tell you all about them and some of the most popular designer dog breeds. What is a Designer Dog? Before answering the… Read More Continue Reading

Easy Dog Tricks for Beginners

Easy Dog Tricks for Beginners As the saying goes, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Whoever said that didn’t know what they were talking about. When you spend a little quality time with your dog, you can get even the most stubborn dog to behave how you’d like. It’s just important to keep in mind how you train them. If you’re looking for ways to train your dog, here we have some easy dog tricks for beginners. If you’re just starting out, here’s a great resource, and even advanced trainers would do well to remember the basics. Easy Dog Tricks for Beginners Kiss Your dog probably already showers… Read More Continue Reading

10 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

10 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day 1. Make your pet feel extra special National Pet Day is here! Celebrated on April 11th, National Pet Day was founded in 2006 by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, and Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige. Its intention is to celebrate the joy that pets bring to our lives. Taking this a step further, she wants this day to be about recognizing the plight of many different kinds of animals that are awaiting a forever home. 2. Adopt a pet from your local shelter Adopting a pet saves a life. No doubt about it. Providing you are ready to adopt, there is no better… Read More Continue Reading

Greyhound Dog Breeds

Greyhound Dog Breeds A very popular dog breed among the rescue scene lately has been the Greyhound. Greyhound dog breeds are worked hard from a very young age and many find their way to rescue shelters after a life of racing. This has led to the growth of Greyhounds as family dogs. If you’re considering bringing a Greyhound into your family, check out our breed guide below. What’s a Greyhound? The Greyhound is an ancient breed of dog. We can find depictions of these dogs in ancient Egyptian art; Roman poems; and they are even mentioned in the Bible. These dogs have always been associated with royalty and high society.… Read More Continue Reading

Why Do Dogs Howl?

Why Do Dogs Howl? There are few dog actions that are more iconic for dogs than howling… okay, maybe chasing their tails. But have you ever stopped to ask, why do dogs howl? Not every dog does it, and some breeds are more prone to howling than others. If you’ve owned dogs, you probably have experience with dogs howling. Below, we look at why dogs howl and how to treat this behavior. Why Do Dogs Howl? There are several reasons for dogs to howl. Some make perfect sense while some may not at first look. When asking why do dogs howl, remember that you won’t have the same mindset as… Read More Continue Reading

Dog Diabetes: Signs and Symptoms

Dog Diabetes: Signs and Symptoms Did you know dogs can get diabetes too? Today we’re going to explain dog diabetes and show you what to look for, how to treat it, and how to prevent this common canine disease. What is Diabetes? The American Kennel Club (AKC) defines diabetes as “ a chronic disease that can affect dogs and cats and other animals (including apes, pigs, and horses) as well as humans. Although diabetes can’t be cured, it can be managed very successfully.” What’s most often seen in dogs is diabetes mellitus. This occurs when glucose-insulin mechanism in dogs is not working properly. In dogs specifically, it’s usually an issue… Read More Continue Reading

Dog Leash Training Tips

Dog Leash Training Tips Believe it or not, dogs don’t naturally know how to walk on a leash. When you see dogs walking well on a leash, it’s due to proper training. Today, we’re going to discuss easy dog training tips to get you and your pup comfortable while on-leash. Tip #1: Don’t Use a Retractable Leash! People are such fans of retractable leashes but for the newbie leash walker, these are not appropriate for training. Even small dogs really do need fixed-length leashes. Most dog trainers would agree. Once your dog is well-behaved and really does listen to your commands, you can allow your dog to explore with a… Read More Continue Reading

How to Puppy Proof Your House

How to Puppy Proof Your House There are many reasons to have a dog. From teaching young children about responsibility to improving wellness, living with dogs can be a great physical and mental boost. Often, when people decide they want a dog, they choose to bring home a puppy. People think that having a dog from a very young age makes them easier to train and adapt. One thing that you might not think about beforehand is how to puppy proof your house. You shouldn’t leave your puppy unsupervised, but they sometimes have a way of escaping your watchful eye. So today we’ll talk about how best to puppy proof… Read More Continue Reading

Introducing a New Puppy to Your Current Dog

Introducing a New Puppy to Your Current Dog If you’re already a dog owner, you know how much love a dog can bring to your life. Caring for and being loved by another can make your heart grow in ways you may have not thought possible. Raising a dog is so rewarding, that many people soon find themselves eventually introducing a new dog into the mix. But how do you go about introducing a new puppy to your current dog? Hopefully your current dog has been well socialized. If so, they should hopefully have an easy time making a new friend. Regardless, there is always a “get to know you”… Read More Continue Reading