Superhero Pets: Can Dogs Smell Cancer in Humans?

Superhero Pets: Can Dogs Smell Cancer in Humans? Dogs have amazing senses of smell, but did you know that some dogs can smell diseases? When we think of dogs used for their olfactory prowess, we think drug-sniffing dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, even cadaver dogs! Today, we’re going to talk about real life superhero dogs that save lives and alert people to life-threatening illnesses. Can Dogs Smell Cancer in Humans? Yes! Dogs can smell cancer humans. Not all dogs, of course, but there are some extraordinary dogs that can be trained to detect cancer. We’ll look more at the research in the next section, but here’s what you need to know about… Read More Continue Reading

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation Anxiety in Dogs Does your dog get antsy when you prepare to leave the house? When you return, has our dog done something destructive? Separation anxiety in dogs is a somewhat common behavior that can cause harm to your belongings or to your dog itself. It’s important to recognize that a dog that has separation anxiety is not purposefully being disobedient, they can’t help it. Read below to learn the symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs and what you can do to help your pup cope when you’re not around. What is Separation Anxiety in Dogs? Separation anxiety in dogs occurs when your dog becomes distressed and frantic when… Read More Continue Reading

How to Stop a Dog From Barking

How to Stop a Dog From Barking Dog ownership is a fun, rewarding experience. A dog rewards its owner with a lifetime of companionship. But owning a dog is not all fun and games. You must commit to training your dog and teaching your dog that they don’t have to bark at everyone is an important skill. If you have a dog that is a bit too noisy, ready below to learn some tips. You can turn your problem pet into a stoic companion in no time. Common Reasons Dogs Bark When trying to train your pet out of a bad habit, it’s important to figure out the reasons why… Read More Continue Reading

Last Minute Dog Costumes

Last Minute Dog Costumes Halloween is right around the corner. We all know that you’ve been working diligently all year on the costumes for you and your dog. Wait, you haven’t? If you’ve found yourself without a costume for your pet, don’t fret. Here are some last minute dog costumes for you to consider. Last Minute Dog Costumes You Can DIY Raggedy Ann No matter what size, shape, color, or breed, you can very easily make a nice Raggedy Ann costume for your pup. Head on over to your local craft store (or your closet for those of you who already knit) and grab a skein of red yarn. You… Read More Continue Reading

Pet Health Tips for Autumn

Pet Health Tips for Autumn For many people, the fall is their favorite time of year. People love breaking out their most stylish sweaters and jackets. The holidays are right around the corner. The cool weather gives you a chance to snuggle with pets and loved ones. While you and your pet may be ready to cool down after the summer’s heat, there are some safety considerations that come with this time of year. Read below to learn pet health tips to prepare you and your pet for autumn. Pet Health Tips that Go a Long Way Keeping your pet safe during the fall means a lot more than just… Read More Continue Reading

The Black Cat Breeds of Hollywood

The Black Cat Breeds of Hollywood Many black cat species have gotten quite the reputation. While they are known in the United States as being besties with witches during Halloween, other cultures celebrate black cats. Some black cats have even gotten to be quite loved by the world. Here, we’ll check in on some of the more famous black cats and discuss how black cats have become so popular. Perception of the Black Cat Species The perceptions of cats in general have changed a lot over the years. Back in Ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped because they were seen to be linked to the goddess Bastet. This goddess was often… Read More Continue Reading

Pet Therapy for the Elderly

Pet Therapy for the Elderly A topic of research that has been gaining traction over the last decade or two is the effects of pet ownership. Some studies have shown that simply owning a pet can help improve a person’s cardiovascular health. Now, research is being done to see if pets can have a positive effect on elderly persons. Read below to find out more about pet therapy for the elderly. What is Pet Therapy for the Elderly? Simply put, pet therapy is a form of mild therapy that uses a pet to form companionship with an elderly person. This is usually used to bolster an already existing therapy routine.… Read More Continue Reading

Tips for Moving with Cats

Tips for Moving with Cats You might be coming up on a day that most people would rather avoid: moving day. Moving homes, especially out of state, is an event that can add a lot of stress to your life. It can also give your pets a lot of anxiety. They will see you packing boxes and radically changing the landscape that they have known for a long time. It’s certain to stress them out as much as it stresses you. Here are some ideas to help your cat cope with such a large change. Tips for Moving with Cats A move is difficult for everyone, but here are some… Read More Continue Reading

Hurricane Safety Tips for Your Pets

Hurricane Safety Tips for Your Pets Hurricane season is here! Don’t be caught off guard by Mother Nature. Perhaps you know this, and you are racing off to your local store for batteries, water and canned goods as I write these words. Are your pets part of your plan? Let’s go through the steps that you should take to ensure safety for your family, which includes your pets. Stay Informed Stay abreast of any storms that may be headed in your direction. Download the FEMA app to hear the latest news regarding of where the storm is located. Using the app, you can receive weather alerts from the National Weather… Read More Continue Reading
Amazon's choice for Electric Dog Fence

Why Choose Extreme Dog Fence®?

Welcome to Extreme Dog Fence®. We are glad you are here. Perhaps you found us through a simple Internet search, looking around for the right electric dog fence for your dogs. Let’s take a moment to talk about why the Extreme Dog Fence® is currently Amazon’s #1 choice in electric dog fences.  Versatility Whether your dog is big or small, the collar that comes with the Extreme Dog Fence® will adjust to their size. Weighing in at only 1.1 ounces, the lightweight Extreme collar can be used on dogs as small as 8 pounds. Comfortable Collar Your dog’s comfort is our top priority. That is why the contact points that… Read More Continue Reading