How to Cut a Dog’s Nails

For many, one of the most nerve-racking parts of dog ownership is chipping nails. We can certainly take our pets to the groomer and have a trained professional clean and groom our pets for us. But that costs money! By grooming and trimming your dog’s nails, you can save yourself some serious money while also bonding with your dog more closely. Read below to learn more about how to properly trim your dog’s nails. Why We Trim Our Dog’s Nails The very first reason why it’s important to cut your dog’s nails is to prevent pain. Have you ever worn shoes that were too tight? Have you had shoes push… Read More Continue Reading

The Sporting Group: A Natural Companion

Most people want a dog for companionship. It’s a wonderful feeling coming home from work only to be greeted by a big furball who’s super excited to see you. Our human companions may still fit in this category, but nothing replaces that canine companion. They are there for us when we’re feeling low, and they want to share the great moments with us too. The group with some of the most excitable companions is the Sporting group. These dogs are used to spending lots of time outside with their family, but they are also ready to put in a day’s work too. Read below to find out more about the… Read More Continue Reading

When to Neuter a Dog

If you’ve ever seen The Price is Right, you’ve heard about spaying and neutering your pet. Five days a week the past host, Bob Barker, would sign off every episode by reminding us to spay or neuter our pets. But is it completely necessary? Are there benefits or drawbacks to neutering? Also, when should you neuter a dog? Continue reading below as we discuss multiple aspects of neutering your dog. What is Neutering? Often, people use the terms spaying and neutering to mean the same thing but on animals of different sexes. The term neutering comes from the Latin word neuter, meaning of neither sex. The term more correctly applies… Read More Continue Reading

What is Canine Tail Docking?

You may or may not have heard of the practice of tail docking, but you’ve probably seen dogs who have had it done. Boxers for example are a very popular breed for people to preform tail docking on. What is canine tail docking? Where did the practice come from and should the practice still be performed today? Let’s take a close look at the practice of canine tail docking. What is Canine Tail Docking? The term docking is also known as bobbing. This process is where a person removes part or all a dog’s tail. The amount of tail removed is usually specific to the breed of dog. Some breeds… Read More Continue Reading

Traveling with Your Dog: Hotel Etiquette

These days, lots of hotels are dog friendly, but what are the rules? You want to have a comfortable experience, but you also want to make sure you’ll be welcome back next time. What rules, tips and tricks are there when it comes to staying in hotels with your dog? Let’s dive into hotel etiquette with a dog. Dog-Friendly Hotel Etiquette: Before You Arrive Always Call Ahead This might go without saying but be sure you call your hotel to discuss bringing your dog before you do so. There are many hotels that simply do not allow pets in guests rooms. If you’re booking a room somewhere, be sure to… Read More Continue Reading

Top 6 Best Watchdogs

Most people who consider getting a dog do so for a reason. Some people just want companionship. Others want a dog for a specific purpose. Many people who get a dog are looking for protection. While humans and dogs have grown together for many centuries, they have always had a unique relationship. Humans would provide protection for their dog, and their dog would do the same for their humans. This is why guardians have become so popular today. Today, we take a look at the top six best watchdogs to help show which breeds have become popular choices. History of Watchdogs The history of watchdogs goes back almost as far… Read More Continue Reading

The Toy Group: Tiny Titans

One of the cutest dog groups around is the Toy group. These miniature dog breeds have been a huge hit for decades and are a great choice for almost anyone. If you’d like to learn more about the Toy group, read about its history and popular breeds below. The Toy Group History It’s amazing to think that the diversity of dog breeds we have today all originated from a common ancestor. Some of today’s dogs might look like other wild canines, like the grey wolf, but the Toy group is a category all its own. Toy breeds are the smallest breeds that are recognized by dog enthusiast groups, like the… Read More Continue Reading

Dog Heat Stroke Symptoms

With Summer in full swing, it’s important to keep a close eye on your family and your pets. The heat of summer usually is well worth suffering through the cold of winter. It can also be dangerous without taking certain precautions. Learn more about dog heat stroke symptoms and how to avoid a problem in the first place. What is Heat Stroke in Dogs? Heat stroke in dogs can be a very serious condition. If not taken care of as soon as possible, it can be fatal. Heat stroke occurs when a dog’s natural system for cooling themselves isn’t doing enough to cool them down. A dog’s body temperature can… Read More Continue Reading

Adopting an Adult Dog vs. Getting a Puppy – What to Expect

When people consider adopting a new dog, it’s important to consider what you want out of this dog. Are you looking for a lap dog companion? Or maybe you’re looking for a running buddy? Choosing a breed based on your lifestyle is a must, but have you thought about what you want your new dog’s age to be? If you’ve considered adopting an adult dog versus getting a puppy, there are many considerations. Today we explore some of the pros and cons of adopting an adult dog vs getting a puppy. Adopting an Adult Dog vs Getting a Puppy If your family is considering adopting a new dog, you should… Read More Continue Reading

Hounds: Dogs Bred for Hunting

Hounds: Dogs Bred for Hunting Many outdoorsmen are already aware of hounds. Every dog that has been accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC) is sorted into one of seven groups. The hound is well known for helping hunters and trappers to catch their game. They’ve been purpose bred to help too! Today we take a closer look at the different breeds that fall into the hound category and we look at what makes these breeds so special. Hounds: Dogs Bred for Hunting The term hound is used for basically any dog that is used for hunting. The problem with this classification is that it leaves the classification very broad.… Read More Continue Reading