Calming a Hyperactive Dog

Calming a Hyperactive Dog Whether you call your dog “high-energy” or hyperactive, a dog that has an excess of energy can become quite a challenge to a loving dog owner. There are many factors that may be driving their behavior. One of these may simply have to do with nothing more than a predisposition to have a lot of energy, due to their breed. Other dogs are bored and need more stimulation. If you approach the situation on different levels, you may have better luck in calming your hyperactive dog. Get Your Dog Moving Is your pup getting enough exercise? Do some research on how much physical activity your dog’s… Read More Continue Reading

What is a Dog Behaviorist?

When people are having a problem controlling their dog, they may consider obedience classes. This is usually a great way to get you and your dog on the same page when it comes to expectations. If you are having a really hard time training your dog, you might hire a dog behaviorist. What is a dog behaviorist and when should you consider hiring one? What is a Dog Behaviorist? One thing to point out is that most people who are dog behaviorists are able to work with other animals too. A dog behaviorist is actually an animal behaviorist who has chosen to work specifically with dogs. At the most basic… Read More Continue Reading

Dogo Argentino Breed Guide

Dogo Argentino Breed Guide Some dogs are bred to help on the farm. Others are bred as companions. Even hunting dogs aren’t necessarily thought of as actively hunting other animals. The Dogo Argentino is an interesting breed in that it was bred to help hunt big game. Learn more about this Argentinian breed by reading below. Breed History The Dogo Argentino has a relatively short history when it comes to some other breeds. It has only been bred since 1928. It was in this year that a medical doctor named Antonio Nores Martinez set out to breed a dog that can not only guard a family but help to take… Read More Continue Reading

Barbet Dog Breed Guide

Barbet Dog Breed Guide If you haven’t heard of them yet, the Barbet is sure to start gaining some notoriety. It was the newest breed to be inducted into the American Kennel Club’s list of recognized breeds. Read below to learn more about this rare breed: The Barbet. Breed History As the Barbet’s name suggests, it hails from France. It was bred to be a water dog and was used primarily in hunting. This ancestry goes back to written accounts from the 16th century. The breed would be used to flush waterfowl in the wetlands of France. Its wooly, waterproof coat would provide it protection from the elements, and its… Read More Continue Reading

What is Canine Freestyle?

Sometimes when we listen to music, we can just feel the beat. There’s something about a good tune that makes you want to get on your feet and start to move. The same can be said about your dog too. Some dogs like to howl along with the music. Others will not seem to notice it at all. With a bit of training, you can get your dog to do canine freestyle. What is canine freestyle? Why would you even want to train your dog to dance? Today we take a closer look at this doggie dance sensation. What is Canine Freestyle? If you haven’t heard of it before, the… Read More Continue Reading

6 Mobile Apps for Dogs & Dog Owners

6 Mobile Apps for Dogs & Dog Owners With so much technology at our disposal today, it shouldn’t surprise you that there are so many apps available for dogs and dog owners. From dog training apps to finding all the best dog parks, there’s an app for everything. Puppr Dog Training App For both iPhone and Android, Puppr is the ultimate dog training app. It’s easy-to-follow lessons come with photos and instructions so even a novice dog owner can learn how to best train their puppy. Moved past basic obedience? This app is still for you. With Puppr, you have more than 50 tricks to teach them! Still struggling to… Read More Continue Reading

Prey Based Diet

Prey Based Diet In searching for the absolute best diet for your dog, you may have come across information about a prey based diet. This is not as common in the United States but it is catching on for people who are willing to give it a try. What is a prey based diet and what is it an alternative to? Today, we take a closer look. What is a Prey Based Diet? In general, a “prey based diet” is similar to what a dog would get if they were to actually hunt for food. If you were to recreate this in a commercially available diet, your dog would most… Read More Continue Reading

How to Become a Dog Trainer

Do you just love spending time with your dog? Are you thoughtful, compassionate and love to help others too? Dog training is one job you might excel at. But how to become a dog trainer? While hobby level training can go a long way in your own home, becoming a professional trainer is quite a different thing. Today we look at how to become a dog trainer and what kind of accreditation will make it official. How to Become a Dog Trainer To become a dog trainer, it’s best to make sure you have the drive to actually follow through. Take a look at our steps below to see if… Read More Continue Reading

3 Dog Hunting Behaviors

3 Dog Hunting Behaviors It’s almost comical to think about today’s fluffy couch potato dogs actually coming from natural hunters. That’s exactly what today’s dogs are, though. Dog hunting behaviors evolved to allow dogs to hunt for their prey, and thus survive. While most dogs today do not have to hunt for food, they still exhibit a number of dog hunting behaviors. Today, we go over some of these hunting behaviors that you might not even realize your dog doing. Dog Hunting Behaviors While dogs today are likely fine munching on some kibble, they can still exhibit dog hunting behavior. This is because hunting behavior has nothing to do with… Read More Continue Reading

Breed Guide: The Belgian Malinois

Breed Guide: The Belgian Malinois Learn all about this majestic large breed dog with our Belgian Malinois breed guide. Belgian Malinois Dog Breed History The Belgian Malinois is one of four breeds that come from Belgium. All four Belgian breeds are sheepdogs that are used to putting a hard day’s work. This breed comes from the Flemish city of Machelen. These dogs were bred by people who were looking for the best of the best. They wanted a dog that would have no peer when it came to work ethic. This made the Belgian Malinois the premier breed for Belgian sheep and cattle herders. The breed was first registered in… Read More Continue Reading