Should You Use a Dog Training Whistle?

Should You Use a Dog Training Whistle When you get a new dog, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of training suggestions you can get. Friends will tell you about crate training, others may try to convince you to buy a clicker. What is important to remember is that each person and each dog is different. What’s convenient for a friend might not be convenient for you and vice versa. Should you use a dog training whistle in your training regimen? Today we take a closer look at this technique and how you can incorporate it into your dog training routine. What is Dog Whistle Training? The first… Read More Continue Reading

How Dog Breeds are Created

How Dog Breeds Are Created Anyone looking at the huge variation in the dog world might ask themselves how dog breeds were created. From dogs a small child could ride on to dogs that fit in a handbag, it is sometimes baffling to think about how different dogs are. Where did these dog breeds come from and how many more can there possibly be? Today, we look at how different breeds were created and what the future of dog breeds can look like. Great Variety from One Species Most people who study these things now believe that all dogs have come from one species. This one species is the grey… Read More Continue Reading

Dog Training for Reactive Dogs

There are dogs that bark, lunge, growl and snap at everything from cars to people while on a leash. These dogs are called “reactive.” Many of these seemingly angry dogs are lovely, friendly animals. The difference is the leash. For dog owners and dogs alike, reactive situations are stressful and can be dangerous. Therefore, it’s your job to make sure your dog is trained and that you keep them from harming other animals. Reactive or Aggressive? Reactive is different from aggressive. According to the AKC, “Aggression is typically viewed as any threat to harm an individual, whether this individual is human or another animal. There are many different forms of… Read More Continue Reading

What are Dog Potty Training Bells?

Have you ever met a dog that rings a bell to go outside? What are dog potty training bells? Well, if you’re not familiar with the practice, you might be surprised to find out this popular potty-training method is super easy to implement! What are Dog Potty Training Bells, Anyway? Think of dog training bells like doorbells. The bell alerts you, the dog owner, that the dog needs to go outside. When your dog feels the urge to go out, they ring the bell with their snout. This is a commonly used method of potty training for puppies. Bell Training in 3 Easy Steps Step 1: Touching Your Dog’s Nose… Read More Continue Reading

Dogs Without Dewclaws

What are dewclaws and can you find dogs without dewclaws? Today we address this funny little appendage and its impact on your pup. What are Dewclaws? Dewclaws are pretty much the “thumbs” of your dog. Some dogs have dewclaws that attach to the bone of the foot while others are only attached at the skin. These appendages grow higher on the leg than the foot. For the most part, dewclaws never touch the ground. Like the cat, dog dewclaws are placed inside the front of the leg. Some species also have dewclaws on their hind legs. These appendages are often only held on by the skin. Due to the dewclaw… Read More Continue Reading

10 Dog Names for Video Game Lovers

Video games used to be only acceptable for young children and adolescents. But more and more adults are finding video games to be a useful and therapeutic outlet. This growing acceptance of adult gamers is nowhere more apparent than in names for the family dog. Rex and Fido have been replaced by pop culture references. If you’ve gotten a new pup, you’re probably thinking of a good name for them. That’s why we’re presenting you with the top 10 dog names for video game lovers. Who Plays Video Games There have been lots of ideas in the past on how playing video games can affect someone. In years past, adults… Read More Continue Reading

Will Dog Training Help Separation Anxiety?

Is your dog destructive when you leave home? Although you may have tried to placate your dog, to reassure them, and to calm them, the resolution isn’t always that simple. Will dog training help separation anxiety? The answer: it’s honestly the ONLY way to help separation anxiety without medical intervention. There are some methods you can start doing today to train your dog to be calm when you leave home. How Do You Know Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety? Separation anxiety manifests in many ways. Important to note, not all these symptoms are specific to separation anxiety and may be due to other causes. House Soiling: This is one of… Read More Continue Reading

Car Safety for Dogs

While summer and fall are fantastic times to spend time in the great outdoors, what makes it even better is spending this time with our families. And most pet owners consider their pets part of the family. People automatically buckle up when entering a car, but do you do the same for your dog? Car safety for dogs is serious business, and today we’ll be taking a closer look at how to make sure your dog stays safe when traveling in your car. Driver Distraction is a Huge Problem According to the Center for Pet Safety, “Preventing many accidents starts with distraction prevention. Placing your phone in the back seat… Read More Continue Reading

Why Dogs Bite

Dogs use their mouths for more than eating and drinking. Playful mouthing to aggressive behavior communicates through a dog’s bite. Mouthing is normal behavior. However, dogs biting for other reasons can indicate an issue with aggression. As a person who spends time around dogs, it’s important that you learn the signs of a dog that’s about to bite and what to do if a dog bites you. The Reasons Vary Dogs bite for a variety of reasons. The most important thing to remember is to refrain but doing things that are triggering the dog’s aggression. Here are some reasons why dogs bite. Pain or Illness When dogs are sick or… Read More Continue Reading

10 Dogs that Need More Exercise

Considering a high energy dog breed? When picking a puppy, exercise is an important consideration. Why? Because it will affect your lifestyle and dog’s overall happiness. If you are not an active person, but want an active dog, here are some things to consider. Why EVERY Dog Needs Exercise Dogs need exercise for their physical and mental health. From combating obesity to stimulating your dog, exercise is crucial to overall health. According to the SPCA Florida, “Exercise also helps control behavioral problems.  Pets that are not given outlets for energy may develop destructive habits like chewing, scratching, or digging, be hyperactive, jump on people or start raiding your garbage bins. … Read More Continue Reading