Prey Based Diet

Prey Based Diet In searching for the absolute best diet for your dog, you may have come across information about a prey based diet. This is not as common in the United States but it is catching on for people who are willing to give it a try. What is a prey based diet and what is it an alternative to? Today, we take a closer look. What is a Prey Based Diet? In general, a “prey based diet” is similar to what a dog would get if they were to actually hunt for food. If you were to recreate this in a commercially available diet, your dog would most… Read More Continue Reading

How to Become a Dog Trainer

Do you just love spending time with your dog? Are you thoughtful, compassionate and love to help others too? Dog training is one job you might excel at. But how to become a dog trainer? While hobby level training can go a long way in your own home, becoming a professional trainer is quite a different thing. Today we look at how to become a dog trainer and what kind of accreditation will make it official. How to Become a Dog Trainer To become a dog trainer, it’s best to make sure you have the drive to actually follow through. Take a look at our steps below to see if… Read More Continue Reading

3 Dog Hunting Behaviors

3 Dog Hunting Behaviors It’s almost comical to think about today’s fluffy couch potato dogs actually coming from natural hunters. That’s exactly what today’s dogs are, though. Dog hunting behaviors evolved to allow dogs to hunt for their prey, and thus survive. While most dogs today do not have to hunt for food, they still exhibit a number of dog hunting behaviors. Today, we go over some of these hunting behaviors that you might not even realize your dog doing. Dog Hunting Behaviors While dogs today are likely fine munching on some kibble, they can still exhibit dog hunting behavior. This is because hunting behavior has nothing to do with… Read More Continue Reading

Breed Guide: The Belgian Malinois

Breed Guide: The Belgian Malinois Learn all about this majestic large breed dog with our Belgian Malinois breed guide. Belgian Malinois Dog Breed History The Belgian Malinois is one of four breeds that come from Belgium. All four Belgian breeds are sheepdogs that are used to putting a hard day’s work. This breed comes from the Flemish city of Machelen. These dogs were bred by people who were looking for the best of the best. They wanted a dog that would have no peer when it came to work ethic. This made the Belgian Malinois the premier breed for Belgian sheep and cattle herders. The breed was first registered in… Read More Continue Reading

Breeds Like Pomeranians

Breeds Like Pomeranians Many dog owners love the fun and excitement that comes from owning a Pomeranian. These small and agile dogs are always a blast to be around. But not everyone is in love with their size or feisty attitude. This is where you can start looking at breeds like Pomeranians. These other breeds while similar in look to Pomeranians may meet your specific needs a bit better. If you’ve been considering breeds like Pomeranians, continue reading below. What’s a Pomeranian? These jovial dogs were a favorite amongst royalty and aristocrats alike. Growing no more than seven pounds, Pomeranians easy size to handle. But contained in that small package… Read More Continue Reading

How Dogs Mark Their Territory

How Dogs Mark Their Territory One thing a dog owner might not have experience with is marking. If you are unfamiliar with this, it occurs when a dog urinates a small amount to mark areas with their scent. This behavior is very common for reproductive intact dogs, but it can be a nightmare for dog owners who must clean the mess. Today, we’re going to look at how dogs mark their territory and what you can do about this unwanted behavior. Why Dogs Mark Territory A dog that marks may have you pulling your hair out, but it’s pretty common when your dog is still reproductively intact. For female dogs,… Read More Continue Reading

Commercial Dog Food VS Raw Food

Commercial Dog Food Vs. Raw Dog Food When it comes to our dogs, we only want the best for them. We work hard to give them the appropriate amount of exercise and stimulation. We also work to make sure their diet is just right. When comparing commercial dog food vs raw food, there are a lot of considerations to make. That’s why we put together this article to help you compare foods. Educating yourself on what’s available is the best way to make sure your dog is getting everything they need. Read below about how commercial dog food compares to a raw food diet. What is Raw Dog Food? Raw… Read More Continue Reading

Do Some Dogs Live Outside in the Winter?

Do Some Dogs Live Outside in the Winter? You’ve probably known families who have owned dogs that don’t live inside the home. These backyard dogs were common in decades past, but these days, most dogs spend their days indoors. That begs the question: do some dogs live outside in the winter? In general, most dogs shouldn’t spend 100 percent of their time outdoors. Let’s talk about why. How Cold is Too Cold? When temperatures dip below freezing, it’s too cold for your dog to be outside for more than 15 minutes. Now, some dogs with thick, long coats bred for colder climates can withstand longer times outdoors, but as a… Read More Continue Reading

Can Dogs Get Fleas in the Winter?

Can Dogs Get Fleas in the Winter? Fleas tend to thrive in high-humidity environments with warm temperatures. Therefore, warm coastal cities often have the worst flea populations. Dogs get fleas from their yards, especially lawns that aren’t mowed often or where ever there’s lots of brush. Dogs can also get fleas from other infected dogs. Once your dog gets fleas, your home becomes a breeding ground for these pesky bugs. They like to hang out in carpets, bedding and furniture. But if it’s cold out, can your dogs get fleas in the winter? Spoiler alert: your dogs absolutely can get fleas in the winter. Now, let’s talk about how. How… Read More Continue Reading
A big Husky dog sitting

Dog Winter Coats Vs. Summer Coats

Dog Winter Coats Vs. Summer Coats One of the most frustrating parts about owning a dog is the amount they shed. Some dogs hardly shed at all, so home maintenance is very manageable. Other dogs, however, shed trash bags full of hair. This hair must go somewhere, so we often find it on our couches and clothes. Dog winter coats versus summer coats are two very different things. Read below as we look at how these coats differ and how to manage to keep a clean house at the same time. Dog’s Shedding Cycle There are some dogs that shed more and some who shed less. Actually, every haired mammal… Read More Continue Reading