Step 4 Burying the Wire

Bury your dog fence wire

Wire Installation

Many home improvement stores and local tool shops rent wire trenchers that will dig your trench and insert your wire at the same time. It basically buries the wire for you. If you have everything ready to go, you should be able to lay wire on a fairly large property (about 1000 feet of wire) in about half of a day. As a rough estimate, you should expect it to cost around $40 including gas to rent a trencher for about half a day.

There are larger models of trenchers, which may not fit in the trunk of your car, and are also expensive. The smaller model should do just fine unless you are doing an area that covers 2 acres or more.

A graph showing how deep the wire should be buried
How deep the wire should be buried

Various types of trenchers will work in different ways, so don’t hesitate to ask the shop helper to show you how to operate it. Be sure to always use safety glasses. When you pull the trencher, note that it is not an effortless process. With that being said, trenching is much easier than burying your boundary wire by hand. Using a wire trencher will make your life a whole lot easier.