All About Miniature Cats

All About Miniature Cats Many people find there to be something extra-charming about a full-grown cat that remains small its entire life. Whether you are talking about dwarf, miniature, or teacup cats, tiny cat breeds are currently all the rage. Let’s take a look at each type of miniature cat and the differences between them. Miniature Cats When looking for a miniature cat of your very own, beware as there are some breeders who are simply selling runt kittens fixed with an expensive price tag. In order for a cat to be a genuine miniature, he or she must originate from breeding lines where the size trait is being managed… Read More Continue Reading

How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Entertained When You Are Away

Even if you are blessed with a lap cat, there are times when your kitty craves stimulation. Particularly when you are not at home, your cat needs different ways they can entertain themselves, to prevent them from acting out due to boredom. Make your cat happy by thinking up your own creative ideas or by keeping him or her occupied in the following ways. Cardboard Boxes If you are like me, you do a lot of online shopping and have a lot of packages delivered to your doorstep. Instead of throwing them out right away, save those cardboard boxes for your cat to enjoy. Just like kids, cats love playing… Read More Continue Reading

Feral Vs. Stray Cats: What’s the Difference?

Feral Vs. Stray Cats: What’s the Difference? When you see cats roaming your neighborhood that seem to have no home, if you are a cat lover, you might become tempted to try and interact with one of them. It is perfectly normal to see a homeless pet and want to do something to help. However, before you do, it is wise to make an important distinction regarding the animal. Is it a stray cat or is it feral? This article will help you tell the difference between the two and guide you in what you should do next. The Main Difference Between Stray and Feral Generally speaking, a stray cat… Read More Continue Reading

What to Look for in a Cat Sitter

If you are a busy professional or even if you’re just going on a vacation with the family, you might be looking for a cat sitter. But do you know what qualities make a good cat sitter? Here’s what to look for in a cat sitter: They Know About Cats This might be an obvious quality, but you might not think about it in your sitter search. You’re probably going to be busy thinking about the other qualities this person should have that you might overlook the obvious concern: does this person know about cats? They don’t have to come over and know your cat’s specific breed, but they should… Read More Continue Reading

Breed Spotlight: The Abyssinian Cat

Intelligent and loyal, Abyssinian Cats are affectionately nicknamed “Abys.” If you are lucky enough to have one, you may appreciate its alert and spontaneous nature. They love to play, always at the center of attention. This graceful cat is a fan of jumping and being in high places. Abyssinian History One of the oldest known cat breeds around, there is some speculation about its origin. Some believe that it originated in what is now known as Ethiopia. Others think it was first found in parts of Southeast Asia and around the coast of the Indian Ocean. The most-believed history is that the Abyssinian is a descendant of the sacred cats… Read More Continue Reading

Are Cats Carnivores? And Answers to Others Cat Nutrition Questions

Most people feed their dogs and cats a simple diet that usually involves kibble from a bag. But is this the best diet for our pets? A common question people ask, “Are cats carnivores?” Today we’ll answer that questions and other common nutrition questions. Are Cats Carnivores? The short answer is yes. Cats are what’s called an “obligate” carnivore. What that means is that cats are carnivores out of necessity. This applies to domestic cats, but the same is true of big cats too. Lions and tigers need to eat meat, as do a host of other non-cat species. Dolphins, eagles, most lizards, and even rainbow trout survive off the… Read More Continue Reading

Preparing Your Cat for Air Travel

Traveling by air with a cat is challenging, and stowing poses another challenge to your plans. Preparing your cat for air travel will be the most important step before your flight. Preparing Your Cat for Air Travel Before Leaving When you have to travel in a plane, at least you know what you’re doing. You are aware of what’s going on. However, cats don’t know what’s happening to them when they travel. Even if they’ve traveled on a plane before, they’ll likely be nervous. To help cut down on the anxiety you and your cat might feel on the day of your flight, be sure to prepare as much as… Read More Continue Reading

Outside Cats VS Indoor Cats: What You Need to Know

Many people feel as though they should let their indoor cat have access to the outdoors. It’s true that cats are hunters, but should they be allowed to go outdoors? Read below to learn more about whether an indoor cat should be allowed to go outdoors. Outside Cats VS Indoor Cats: What You Need to Know Many people who have cats think about letting their cats go outdoors. But is it safe to let your cat out of the house? Usually wanting to let your cat out comes from a good place. Cabin fever is terrible to deal with yourself, but do cat’s also have a need to go outdoors?… Read More Continue Reading

How to Leash Train Your Cat

One of a dog’s favorite times of the day is when you throw a leash on them and take them out to get into the sunshine. Heck, even if it’s raining, they are likely excited to get out of the house. But what about cats? Learning how to leash train your cat isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and it can lead to many years of enjoyment between the two of you. What You Need To Leash Train Your Cat The best part about leash training your cat is that there are very few supplies you’ll need to get the job done. There are really only two things you’ll need… Read More Continue Reading

Is a Hairless Cat Right for Me?

Owning a hairless cat is not like owning an ordinary cat. They have their own special needs and personality. You might be asking yourself, is a hairless cat right for me? If you’re trying to figure out if a hairless cat would fit into your home, we’ll cover some of the basics of owning this unique pet. What Makes Hairless Cats So Different? The Sphynx breed is a very special breed. While hairless cats have been found throughout history, the breed we see today is rather new. It has only been bred since about the 1960s. The originator of the modern breed was miraculously born to a normal shorthair cat… Read More Continue Reading