PetSmart™ has issued an update of its November 4, 2009, recall of Dentley’s™ Choobles 10-Pack Beef Hooves UPC 73725736055 and Dentley’s™ Bulk Cattle Hoof UPC 73725703323 products. The updated recall was issued on November 10, 2009.

The updated recall now includes Pet Carousel™ Choo-Hooves Dog Chews 3-Pack UPC 3465184103, Pet Carousel™ Choo-Hooves Stuffed with Cheese-Bacon UPC 3465190058, Pet Carousel Choo-Hooves Stuffed with Peanut Butter UPC 3465190056, Flossy Chews™ Choo-Hoove Roper Two-Hooves UPC 4365117005, Flossy Chews™ Roper Bone Buddy UPC 3465190002, Flossy Chews™ Beef Bones with Rope Toy UPC 3465117055, Flossy Chews™ White Bone Rope UPC 3465117065, Knuckle Steaks 2-Pack UPC 3465190046, 3-Pack Smoked Hooves UPC’s 3465114003 and 34651140037, 5-Lb Cow Hooves UPC’s 34651150609 and 3465115060, 5-Lb Smokies-Hooves UPC 34651140556 and 3465114055, and 60-Pieces Smoked Hooves UPC 3465112122.

Manufactured by the Pet Carousel™ plant in Sanger, California, the recalled products were shipped to three separate distribution centers located in Ottawa, Illinois; Groveport, Ohio; and Newman, Georgia. All the affected products were contaminated with the Salmonella bacteria, which can infect pets and humans coming into contact with it. Furthermore, those infected with Salmonella can infect other pets and humans they come into contact with. Symptoms include diarrhea, fever, bloody stool, and abdominal pain, though not all carriers show these signs.

Any consumers with concerns should contact the FDA 
consumer coordinator in their area to file a complaint. 
Consumers can return any of the recalled product to any PetSmart™ store for an exchange or full refund. 
They can also call PetSmart™ Customer Service at 1-888-839-9638 for more information.