Replacement batteries for all Invisible Fence® collars

How a Dog Fence Works

So you are thinking of getting an electric dog fence? An underground dog fence is an excellent choice for containing your dog. Let’s take a moment to talk about how an invisible dog fence works and why it is such a great solution for keeping your dog at home with you, where he or she belongs.

First, let’s establish that an underground fence, versus a wireless electric dog fence is a much better choice. Although wireless is effortless to install, there are many variables that can cause a wireless fence to fail. If you want the most dependable, customizable, best invisible dog fence available, read on to learn about how our American-manufactured eXtreme Dog Fence® works.

Components of an Inground Dog Fence

There are 3 crucial components of a pet containment system. These include dog fence wire, a dog fence transmitter, and a special receiver collar that your dog wears. The transmitter, located inside of your home, is the brains of the operation. It transmits a radio signal throughout your dog fence wire. Along with our manual our extreme videos help you learn how to program your transmitter with ease.

Your dog fence wire, which is buried around your property, creates a border that you have designed yourself. Although your border is customizable, you must always establish a complete loop back to your transmitter in order for the fence to work.

Your dog wears an invisible fence collar, which triggers when he approaches a predetermined distance in front of your dog fence wire. Your dog’s receiver collar is powered by Perimeter 6-volt Extreme invisible fence batteries.

Dog Fence Correction

The concept of static correction is the same as is used in dog behavior training. Here is what it feels like to your dog. Run across the carpet in your socks and then touch a doorknob. That is a static shock, which is similar to what the dog feels when he receives a static correction. With the eXtreme Dog Fence® there are 7 different levels of correction to choose from, in addition to a beep-only mode used for training.

A Word About Dog Fence Wire

There are many different gauges of wire available for your pet fence. You will find 20 gauge wire, 18 gauge, 16 gauge wire, and 14 gauge. With so many options, how does one know which wire to choose? Here is some advice from the experts.

Though 20 and 18 gauge wire is inexpensive, it is not an ideal choice. This is because it is thin and very vulnerable to breakage or wearing down over time. A cheap dog fence comes with this type of thin dog fence wire. Logically, you may be focused on finding a fence for sale at a low price point, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

16 gauge wire is a step in the right direction, but still not the best selection.

The best electric dog fence comes with 14 gauge dog fence wire. If you want your dog fence wire to last a long time, 14 gauge wire is the way to go, without a doubt. Our 14 gauge wire is designed to last a lifetime. It will not degrade, or break unless a blade is taken to it. In addition to this, the performance of your electric dog fence will be enhanced by its superior signal conductivity.

In fact, our 14 gauge dog fence wire is so durable that you don’t even need to bury it if you don’t want to. You can simply use fence staples to tack it to the top of the ground.


American made products are synonymous with quality. Now that you know how our electric fence kit works, why not give it a try with your family dog? Do you still have questions about how our eXtreme Dog Fence® works? Our US-based customer service agents are here to help you with any questions you may have, 7 days a week. You can reach us at 800-305-6116.

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High Performance Dog Fence Battery – 4 Month Minimum Life on ALL Invisible Fence Brand Collar Receivers

At Extreme Dog Fence we know that you installed an electric fence on your property to maintain the safety and well-being of your pet. But who is maintaining your wallet? You may have chosen to install an Invisible Fence® brand electric fence, but what you may have not realized at the time of installation is that batteries for your dog’s receiver are extremely expensive. Many local dealers can give an average price anywhere from $21 to $30 per battery. While you may have had to fork over that exorbitant amount in the past, Extreme Dog Fence has now developed compatible collar batteries for your Invisible Fence® brand electric dog fence.

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Product Description

Replace Your Old Invisible Fence® Collar Batteries with an Affordable Alternative

Invisible Fence® brand is a well-established and highly respected leader in the in-ground pet fence industry. Their containment solutions have been installed for thousands of customers. While the company has produced excellent quality containment solutions, their batteries do still need to be changed out periodically. The main problem that owners of an Invisible Fence® brand electric fence run into is the need to use their proprietary batteries. This is why eXtreme Dog Fence has started manufacturing Invisible Fence® Compatible Collar Batteries.

Why Use eXtreme Dog Fence Invisible Fence® Compatible Batteries

eXtreme Dog Fence Invisible Fence® Compatible Batteries are an excellent replacement for your dog’s collar batteries. They have a five-year shelf life, and sport an average lifespan of four months while in use. While we manufactured these batteries to be reliable, we also took into mind their weight. They last long but are also lightweight so they will not way down your beloved pet.

eXtreme Dog Fence Invisible Fence® Compatible Batteries are strongly built. These batteries insert snugly and easily tighten into place with either a screwdriver or simply a coin. Consider them safe and reliable. They’re built strong and sturdy to stand up to your dog’s active lifestyle.

eXtreme Dog Fence Invisible Fence® Compatible Batteries Offer an Affordable Option

eXtreme Dog Fence Invisible Fence® Compatible Batteries cost much less than Invisible Fence® brand batteries. Oftentimes eXtreme Dog Fence Invisible Fence® Compatible Batteries can cost up to half as much as name brand Invisible Fence® batteries. While the savings is an important aspect to consider, also consider that the proprietary nature of Invisible Fences® batteries makes it so you may not always find it in stock at your local third-party retailer. The affordable nature of eXtreme Dog Fence Invisible Fence® compatible batteries allows you to stock up on batteries, so you will always have batteries on hand whenever you need to change them.

To Replace Your eXtreme Dog Fence Invisible Fence® Compatible Batteries

Replacing your eXtreme Dog Fence Invisible Fence® Compatible Collar Batteries could not be simpler. Use a screwdriver or a coin to unscrew the existing battery. Remove the old battery and slide the new eXtreme Dog Fence brand battery into place. Turn the slotted cap clockwise until snug using either a coin or a screwdriver. Be sure to properly dispose of your old battery. With an average shelf life of five years, you can safely purchase several batteries and store them for later use. Be sure to store your extra batteries and a cool dry area to ensure you get full shelf life from each battery.

While Invisible Fence® Brand Electric Fences are a high-quality choice for your pet containment needs, eXtreme Dog Fence Invisible Fence® Compatible Batteries are an even better battery for your pet’s collar.

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