If dogs could talk, what are some of the things they would say? I think they would tell us ways that we could make them happier. They might tell us they need better food, or they might just talk about how their daily lives could be improved. Here is what I think dogs would ask for.

More Exercise

Dogs love to run and play. Your dog may be longing to spend more time outdoors, exercising. However, many dog owners don’t have the time to take their dogs out to the dog park, or on a daily walk. Other dog owners struggle to find the time to take their dogs out on a leash for them to do their business. If your dog could talk, he would likely tell you that he wished he were more active. An entertained dog is happy, but a bored dog looks for trouble.

More Freedom

Your dog would also appreciate having a lot more freedom. Some people have physical fences built around their property, and others don’t. For those who don’t have a physical fence, owners may struggle with various methods to keep their dogs safely on their property.

Even if there is a fence built in your backyard, some dogs attempt to jump over it or dig underneath it. What good is a fence if it can’t keep your dog safe? Not to mention the cost of building a physical fence. Yikes!

The Solution: An Underground Dog Fence

Where physical fences fail, electric dog fences do not. Are all electric dog fences the same? Definitely not. The best underground dog fences give you a choice of many different levels of correction, which you can customize for each individual dog.

This is important because every dog has a different personality. For example, perhaps you have a small terrier with a timid personality, and a large German shepherd who is strong-willed. It is highly unlikely that these two dogs would need the same level of correction to obey the underground dog fence.

Doggie Doors

Wouldn’t it be nice if your doggie could just come and go as they please? With a doggie door, they can.

As long as you have the underground dog fence collar on, why not let your dog let himself or herself on their own? Just one less thing for you to worry about!

However, just like underground dog fences, all pet doors are not equal. Just like most things, you get what you pay for.

Fresh Water, All the Time

You wouldn’t ever want your dog to run out of water in the summer heat. With all that fun and exercise your dog is getting, he or she needs to have a clean, fresh water supply that will never dry up or get knocked over.

If you buy an automatic dog waterer, your dog will have an outdoor fountain to keep him healthy and hydrated at all times. Paws up to hydration!

Shade and Shelter

The heat of the summer sun can be unbearable. Dogs can get sunburned, just like people do. Too much time in the sun and a dog can even get a heatstroke. Best case scenario, your backyard has lovely trees that will naturally shield your dog. Of course, not every backyard is shaded with trees. If your backyard is one of those, consider looking into overhead tarps and shade cloths that can stretch over part of the area.

Toxin-Free Landscaping

Got landscaping chemicals on your grass? Be sure to check that they are safe for your pets. Also, keep in mind that there are several plants that are toxic to dogs. The ASPCA provides a complete list of these plants. Some of these common plants that can make your dog sick include azaleas, lilies and mums. Also avoid cocoa mulch, which can cause the same reaction as chocolate for dogs.

The Bottom Line

If dogs could talk, they would likely ask for all of these ingredients for the perfect backyard of their dreams.