Snapchat, the popular photo messaging app, as released new filters for cats!

Surely, we’re living in the future.

Even your cats can take selfies with Snapchat’s advanced face and object recognition. Last year, the app began moving away from just face recognition to start recognizing sports equipment and food. The app suggests custom filters depending on what the user is photographing.

This extended to certain dog breeds, and today it extends to cats too.

Silly and Shareable

Augmented reality is the next thing in photography, and Snapchat makes it silly and ultra-shareable. Cat lovers are into taking photos for their fur-babies anyway, but now Snapchat offers filters with their Cat Lenses feature like:

  • Turning your cat’s face into a piece of toast.
  • Putting a hat on your cat.
  • Giving your cat some hipster glasses.
  • Halloween costumes for your cat.
  • And more filters depending on the season!

When using the app, just aim at your cat and look for the blue paw print on the top right corner of the screen. That’s how you know the cat filters are enabled. Some of the lenses allow you to be in the photo with your cat.

For anyone who likes to gush over their kitties, this is one exciting way to do it.

Only Kitties, for Now

Snapchat only offers filters for cats, but we don’t expect the exclusivity to last long. With face and object recognition software improving by leaps and bounds every year, we anticipate more animal friends being added to the app.

The results are a-dork-able!

We look forward to using this photo feature and love to see pets included in important social media platforms. For dog lovers, we’re betting a Snapchat filters will be available to you in the near future, as well. And no, the kitty filters don’t work on dogs (trust us, we tried).