Halloween is right around the corner. We all know that you’ve been working diligently all year on the costumes for you and your dog.

Wait, you haven’t?

If you’ve found yourself without a costume for your pet, don’t fret. Here are some last minute dog costumes for you to consider.

Last Minute Dog Costumes You Can DIY

Raggedy Ann

No matter what size, shape, color, or breed, you can very easily make a nice Raggedy Ann costume for your pup. Head on over to your local craft store (or your closet for those of you who already knit) and grab a skein of red yarn.

You simply need to braid some of the red yarn. In the center of the braid, throw in some bangs, hot glue a bow in the center or even two bows at each end. There you have it! You can use hair clips to make sure the yarn wig stays where it should, and you’ve got a beautiful, redhead pup!

Zombie Doggy

Not much to say about this one. What’s a zombie look like? Rags for clothes, blood stains, pale skin.

We don’t recommend actually painting up your pooch, but you can get some clothes to make to look complete. A white t-shirt with some blood stains on it should be enough. Use either dye or paints to get the right look. Extra points for some scary splatter marks!

Latte Pup

Do you have a tiny pup? One of the easiest costumes to make yourself would be to turn them into a little mocha mutt!

Get yourself a Venti cup from Starbucks. Cut out the bottom and cut a slit down one side. You’ll now be able to easily slide the cup over your pup’s back and turn them into one of your favorite warm treats. Tie some soft cloth elastic on the cup’s lid and you have a nice hat to complete the look.

Just a word of caution, be sure to cut off any parts of the cup that can be rubbing on your pup’s legs or body. The point is to look cute and not get sore.


This is an easy project that is one of the greatest last minute dog costumes. Really all you need is a box, some buttons, and some paint.

Of course, size your box appropriately. If you’ve got a cute little teacup, a tissue box might work. If you’ve got malamute at home, maybe scavenge the box from your latest Amazon splurge.

Cut out the bottom of the box and a spot to get your dog’s head through. Glue the buttons to the top of the box, give it a coat of paint and hit the town!

Remember, this is an DIY suggestion: make sure the paint is completely dry before fitting it to your dog. Maybe letting it dry outside or in the garage is a good idea to get rid of any fumes.

Also try to use traditional Lego colors so the costume will be easy to recognize.

Last Minute Dog Costumes to Purchase

While DIY costumes are a fun idea if you already like to make crafts, building your own costume isn’t for everyone. For those who prefer to purchase the perfect outfit for their pooch, here’s the quick list.

Wonder Woman

Now your dog can dress up just like their favorite Amazonian. With purchase you get Wonder Woman’s headdress and a onesie red shirt with blue dress.

Festive Fruit

This one’s a great idea for any size dog. You’re sure to get some laughs walking this Chiquita Banana down the street while you make the rounds. You dog should also be happy that it’s a pretty spacious costume that still lets them breathe easy.

Star Wars Characters

These costumes have been making it around social media for a few years, but they never get old. You can dress your dog up in one of these hilarious Star Wars inspired costumes to lighten up the mood this Halloween.

Easy Last Minute Dog Costumes

So, whether you’re more comfortable buying your last minute dog costume, or if you want to get into the DIY spirit, there are many choices for you.

Just be sure to keep your dog warm (but not too warm) if you’re taking them out trick or treating with the family.

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