Can Dogs Get Sunburned?

Anyone who’s ever been to the beach has probably had a sunburn. It happens when you expose your skin to the rays of the sun for too long. It can also happen if you frequent the tanning bed for too long. Can dogs get sunburned? While sunburn is common with people, does it affect animals in the same way? Read below for the answer. Can Dogs Get Sunburned? Just as any person can get sunburned, any dog can get sunburned. Remember though that a sunburn is a skin condition. Therefore, most people do not get sunburned on their scalp unless they have been exposed to intense sun for a long… Read More Continue Reading

How to Add your Dog to Your Exercise Routine

How to Add your Dog to Your Exercise Routine If you live an active lifestyle, you may be asking yourself how to add your dog to your exercise routine. This is a common thought for people don’t have a dog already but are considering getting one. Even working a full-time job can cut into precious time with a canine friend, but exercising together is a great way to quickly bond with each other. If you’re looking for ways you can add your dog to your exercise regimen, read our suggestions below. How To Add Your Dog To Your Exercise Routine When considering how to add your dog to your exercise… Read More Continue Reading

Are Dogs Omnivores?

Are Dogs Omnivores? Have you ever stopped to think about what is in that giant sack of dog food you bring home? Many people are cluelessly feeding their dogs whatever it is that comes out of that bag without question. But what are dogs truly meant to eat? Are dogs omnivores, carnivores or herbivores? Anyone who’s ever dropped a salad green on the floor of their kitchen can be sure most dogs are not herbivores. To be sure though, we look at what a dog’s diet should ideally look like. What is an Omnivore? Before learning if dogs are omnivores, let’s look at exactly what an omnivore is. An omnivore… Read More Continue Reading

Can My Dog be a Therapy Dog?

Can My Dog Be a Therapy Dog? One of the best parts of pet ownership is spending your time with your pet. A cuddle on the couch can be a great pick-me-up after a stressful or difficult day. If your dog is that good at raising your mood, shouldn’t they be able to help others as well? Have you ever thought, “can my dog be a therapy dog?” If you have, there are some hoops to jump through. Almost any dog can be a therapy dog though. Read below to find out how. What is a Therapy Dog? In short, a therapy dog is a dog that provides psychological and… Read More Continue Reading

How to Raise a Dog When Working Full Time

Raising a dog is one of the most rewarding things you can do. They give unconditional love, and studies have proven that they can even make you healthier too. But can you raise a puppy and have a full-time job as well? If thinking about how to raise a dog when working full time has crossed your mind, you’re not alone! Many full-time professionals can raise a dog and hold down their career with a little bit of work and some planning. Read below to learn about how to raise your pup while working full time. How to Raise a Dog When Working Full Time Some people might say that… Read More Continue Reading

Can Dogs Visit National Parks?

One of the greatest parts about living in the United States is the abundance of open land for us to explore. If you like to spend any amount of time outdoors, you’ve probably been to or at least heard of the National Parks. But can dogs visit National Parks? Exploring the scenes and sights of our National Parks just wouldn’t be the same without Fido. Here, we’ll lay out some great ideas of where in the National Parks you can take your dog. Read on and start your own adventure! Can Dogs Visit National Parks? You’re obviously reading this because you want to know if dogs can visit National Parks.… Read More Continue Reading

How to Use a Dog Harness

How to Use a Dog Harness Almost any dog owner knows that a dogs first time on leash is difficult. The dog may try to get ahead of you, they may continue to pull and choke themselves, or they just might not understand what you’re doing and try running away. A lot of leash problems can be fixed with a dog harness. But you might be thinking about how to use a dog harness. How do you even put on a dog harness? We’re going to go through the different kinds of dog harnesses that exist and how to properly train a dog to use a harness. Types of Dog… Read More Continue Reading

Why Do Dogs Eat Dirt?

Why Do Dogs Eat Dirt? Dogs get into all sorts of gross things. Sometimes they sneak into the trash. Other times you can see them sniffing around less-than-ideal things like dirt. Why do dogs eat dirt? As gross as it may be that they are eating dirt, there is a reason for it. As a pet owner, it’s your job to get the detective hat on and figure out why your pet is behaving this way. Is Eating Dirt a Problem? Your dog may be eating dirt to deal with some issues, but you need to step in. Eating dirt isn’t a huge problem when it’s a small amount. If… Read More Continue Reading

Regular Health Check-ups You Should Get for Your Dog

Regular Health Check-ups You Should Get for Your Dog Most people can probably admit that they put their regular health checkups on the backburner. Between all of life’s little responsibilities, it’s easy to forget an appointment even when you know you shouldn’t. You also shouldn’t put your dog’s health on the backburner. You need to make sure you’re taking your dog to all their regular checkups. But how often should a dog go for a checkup? The answer to that question depends on the age of your dog. Not to worry, we’ll help lay out the regular health checkups you should get for your dog. Why Get Regular Health Checkups… Read More Continue Reading

What are the Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Dwellers?

Do you love living in the city? Many people come to love the hustle and bustle of living in a big city. One thing they may not get in a big city is a big home. Often real estate is in demand and expensive. If you are living in a small space but are still a dog lover, we’ve got some news for you. You can still find a loving dog that can (literally) fit into your lifestyle. If you’ve asked yourself, “What are the best breeds for small spaces?” our list of apartment appropriate breeds may help you decide. Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living There are a few… Read More Continue Reading