Perhaps you have heard of an electric dog fence, but don’t really know what it is all about. The term itself sounds a bit off-putting doesn’t it? Some people hear the term and imagine an electrical shock being administered via an electrified fence that causes harm to a dog when they touch it. The good news is that it is nothing like that. Here is a quick explanation.

The Truth

It is important to know that there is NO electricity running through your dog fence wire. Instead, the system delivers a radio signal that is transmitted through the wire of your electric dog fence.

This radio signal is generated by the dog fence transmitter, which is located inside of your home. This radio signal is carried through the dog fence wire, which is circling your property. Twisted wire, is used to connect your boundary loop with your transmitter. It is neutral, so your dog is able to cross over it.

The last component is the special receiver collar that your dog wears. When your dog approaches the boundary wire, he or she will hear a beep that is followed by a static correction. This lets the dog know that they should stop and turn around to go back into the safety zone.

Logically, you may be wondering what a static correction feels like. Run across the carpet in your socks and then touch a doorknob. That is what a mild static shock feels like. So, wouldn’t you characterize that as surprising, instead of painful? After a week or two of being trained on the underground dog fence, your dog is sure to understand and respect the boundaries you have set.

The Benefits

One of the most appreciated aspects of an underground dog fence is that it is invisible. This means there is no physical fence that is visually blocking the view in or out of the windows in your house. As a side note, many neighborhoods or homeowner’s associations do not allow physical fencing.

Many dogs try to jump over or dig under a physical fence. With an electric dog fence, they won’t be able to do this.

Cost is another big consideration that factors into the equation. Compared to traditional dog fencing, an electric dog fence has a much friendlier price tag. This is the case, as long as you choose to purchase a do-it-yourself dog fence kit.

When you choose to install the underground dog fence yourself, you can expect it to take a day or less to set up. Doing it yourself will save you big money. Go with a company that wants to install their fence for you, and pay a hefty price tag for both their equipment and their services.

Another option you could investigate is a wireless dog fence. You can read all about different wireless fence options on this website. 

The Bottom Line

An underground dog fence is the perfect way to keep your dog from getting out of your yard. Feeling bad about a little static shock? In contrast, imagine how bad you will feel if your dog gets lost, or worse. Keeping your dog at home with you, and safe out of the street is something that every dog owner desires. An electric dog fence is the key to help you accomplish exactly that.  


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