A dog’s diet should consist of ingredients that benefit your dog in many ways. Key ingredients should be included in every dogs diet to allow for proper growth and the longest, healthiest life possible. Below are some of the ingredients that should be included within your dog’s meals.

  • Green Tripe
  • Raw Egg’s
  • Coconut Oil
  • Milk Thistle
  • Organ Meats

These ingredients all play a part in your dog’s nutrition and should be considered when choosing the right brand and diet for your dog.


Green Tripe

This is what we call the super-food that no dog should go without. Containing naturally occurring enzymes for the digestive system. The amount of supplements that a dog should have are all within this key ingredient. Loaded with Vitamin B and also containing the perfect amounts of calcium and phosphorus it is one of the best things you could supply to your dog. If not available from your local retailer, there are also canned products available that contain Green Tripe.


Raw Egg’s

Raw egg’s are also one of the main key ingredients that should be in your dog’s diet. This ingredient is fundamental and is just as important as Green Tripe. With a complete source of amino acids that helps build the fundamentals of proteins they also include Vitamin A, folate, Vitamine B12, fatty acids, iron, and riboflavin. Feeding your dog and egg with the shell as well provides nearly a complete source of nutrition for your dog.


Coconut Oil

This is considered one of the best super-foods you could possibly feed your dog, having the ingredients of capric acid, palmitic, myristic acid, caprylic acid, capric acid, lauric acid all within a medium chain triglycerices. This combination has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties that help a dog’s immune system, keeping strong and lasting long. Coconut oil also help the balancing of the thyroid and keeping them energized. It gently elevates the metabolism and provides a higher amount of energy sustenance for the dogs to run off of. This oil helps with skin and hair and allows for a healthy feel and look of your dog while improving digestion and reducing the chance of allergic reactions.


Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is more a herb then food, making it an ingredient to a dog’s overall diet. It is a very important part of a dog’s diet and should be seen as part of a dogs nutrition. With it being a seed extract with a compound called silymarin, this ingredient has been shown to be an effective and safe way to treating conditions dog’s may have including liver disease. It protects from toxins entering the liver and doing substantial amounts of damage to a dog’s digestive track and eliminating dead liver cells with growing new liver cells. Milk thistle is a wonderful helpful herb to have in the even of an emergency. If your dog is exposed to drugs or toxins, this would be a great remedy to have around and will help to eliminate the hazardous issues.


Organ Meats

Organ meats one of the best known ingredients for every dog owner. This is a very important part of a dog’s diet on a day to day basis. Be aware of the shortage on the  benefactors in some products bought from the store, they have been known to avoid the byproducts and this includes the use of organ meats.

Within organ meat, you can find the complete nutrition that your dog’s appetite needs and is packed with all the nutrients your dog should have.

Adding the super-foods to your dog’s diet will help your dog both now and for the long run. It will help your dog feel better and have more energy and ambition to live longer while staying as strong and healthy as possible. Take all of the ingredients into account and watch the benefits of the nutrition in your dog. You will see and notice the difference if you switch your dog’s diet to a more beneficial and healthy one.