Pet International recalled 1,500 units of the company’s 6-inch Beef Trachea Pet Treats on February 11, 2015. The reason cited for the recall was possible contamination of the product with Salmonella bacteria. The possible contamination by Salmonella was discovered after the Colorado Department of Agriculture detected the bacteria while performing routine sampling.

The affected product includes:

  • 12-pack plastic pouches of Buster’s Natural Pet Supply Beef Trachea Treats with lot code 8501450 and UPC code 8501450.

The 6-inch treats were distributed in the cities of Conifer and Lakewood in the state of Colorado.

Salmonella can cause a variety of symptoms in humans and pets, including nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and fever. Additionally, pets can exhibit lethargic behavior and a loss of appetite. If either pets or their owners exhibit these symptoms, they should seek medical help.

Pet owners who purchased the offending product can return it to the retailer they purchased it from for a full refund. Make sure to take the receipt as well, as that will be needed in addition to a form that must be filled out for the refund. If consumers have any questions, they can contact Pet International by phone at 1-305-591-3338 or through email.