Everyone loves dogs and cats, but what about our fine feathered friends? Birds require a different level of care but can be just as rewarding as more conventional pets.

Today, we’re going to talk about popular pet birds for 2018. This year, we’re seeing popularity in tiny birds, colorful birds, and birds that like to live in pairs.


Lovebirds are a small parrot species that make amazing companion pets. They tend to bond strongly to their mates and are quite affectionate. They are social, so if you want a bird you can interact with, a Lovebird may be right for you. Lovebirds need a big cage and lots of exercise. If they are not given proper housing, they may develop self-harm habits. Lovebirds are quite chatty and enjoy talking and whistling.

Button Quails

Button quails are little known but becoming increasingly popular. These little grown birds don’t require an aviary and prefer to live in mating pairs. If the conditions are right, they’ll lay one egg per day. Because they are ground dwellers, housing can be anything from a low rabbit hutch to a ventilated terrarium. They are hands off birds that don’t require much interaction.

Domestic Canary

The Canary is a favorite among bird aficionados. Due to their popularity, there are over 200 breeds of canary (not unlike dog breeds). Each Canary breed has different skills and appearances. These are pretty hands-off birds. So, if you’re looking for a bird you can watch but don’t have to hold, the domestic canary may be right for you. Canaries are generally solitary and don’t necessarily need friends. If you plan to keep more than one bird, they will need their own cages for their own safety.

Zebra Finches

Zebra finches are popular pet birds kept for hundreds of years. They are originally from Australia. They are also naturally found in Indonesia and East Timor. They are easy to maintain and great for first time bird owners. Ideally, they are housed in large flight cages, or an aviary. Zebra Finches, like button quail, prefer to live in pairs. Food manufacturers make pelleted food formulated for Zebra Finches, so finding food for them is easy.

Rainbow Lorikeet

These beauties are some of the most vibrant birds available today. This species of parrot hails from Australia. Its natural habitat is the rainforest, woodlands, and coastal bush. The Rainbow Lorikeet, or Lory, needs more care than your average popular pet birds. They have specific feeding and housing requirements. If you are passionate about birds and love social, vocal birds, you’ll have no problem with these little guys.

Are Birds the Right Pet for You?

Every pet comes with their set of care. Among birds, there are so many differences between species, that one bird may be right for your household while another is not. Our suggestion is to take your time, do some research, and learn everything you can about the species of bird you are interested in. That way, your expectations are met, and you get the perfect bird for you.