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PetSafe In-Ground Dog Fences

You absolutely don’t have to spend thousands of dollars building a fence that will spoil the style of your home and your ability to move around your yard. The best-selling electric dog fences are here to provide you with fast, easy, cost-effective and noninvasive pet fence products.

Unlike the traditional physical fence, the eXtreme In-Ground Fence is invisible. Yes, you’ve read that right. But no magic is involved here. The science behind the system involves burying wires underground, using flags to mark boundaries, and having your dog wear an electronic collar that will remind him through a beep or a static correction of the boundary that he needs to observe.

You get to contain your pet and secure his safety and at the same time establish space boundaries without having to install unsightly physical fences. Now you can allow your dog to enjoy playtime in your yard and you no longer have to worry about his safety. Train your dog not to go beyond certain areas by utilizing the collar that has a warning beep to tell your dog to stop and not move forward. If he continues, a safe static correction will remind him to stay in the designated area.

eXtreme offers a broad range of electric dog fence systems, so it’s easy to find the right one for your home. With systems designed especially for small dogs, stubborn dogs, or any dog in between, in-ground dog fence systems are designed to meet the needs of each individual dog and her family. For detailed information and to compare and contrast eXtreme in ground dog fence systems please refer to our In-Ground Comparison Chart.

Installing an eXtreme in-ground dog fence is a simple, weekend DIY project. You can use our detailed Installation Guide to help you plan and install your eXtreme in-ground electric dog fence.

Get one for your dog today and start the training session; soon your dog can freely and happily play in your yard without you keeping an eye on him.

eXtreme understands that you want to keep your pet-parenting costs while never compromising the safety of your furry family members. Thanks to eXtreme’s reasonably priced and durable products, you can invest in high-quality, industry-leading pet fences and training tools that are valuable, effective, and economical in the long run.

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