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Electric Dog Fences

Pet containment systems for dogs and cats are often a necessary way to keep your pets safe. Available in a variety of models, you’ll find a eXtreme pet containment system that works for you.

Allow your dog or cat to safely enjoy time outdoors without the threat of wandering away. Wireless pet containment systems are ideal for those who can’t have a physical fence or don’t want one. Remove an unsightly fence for the security of an in-ground, instant or wireless pet containment system.

What to Look for in a Wireless Pet Containment System

Ease of installation – Your DIY wireless pet containment system should be easy for you to install. Hiring a service can cost thousands. eXtreme wireless containment system kits are easy to install yourself and shouldn’t take more than a couple hours. Some of our instant kits can be installed and used even more quickly!

Right size for location – Whether you have a small quarter acre yard or 10 square acres, we can provide you with a eXtreme pet containment system to suit your needs. Many of our kits can be expanded or decreased depending on the size of your property.

Right collar for your pet – Each collar comes with different specifications. This includes size. Most standard models require that the dog be larger than 11 lbs. If your dog weighs less, make sure the collar is compatible for safety reasons.

eXtreme Has the Pet Containment Solutions You Need

In-Ground Fences – The in-ground pet containment system is an excellent value! By installing the kit yourself, you’ll save thousands in installation fees. Rest assured your pet will remain safely within the confines of this in-ground eXtreme pet containment system. This best-seller is perfect for small dogs, difficult-to-train dogs, and every breed and temperament in between.

Wireless Pet Containment System – The eXtreme wireless pet containment system has everything you need in a wireless fence. The wire-free electric dog fence containment keeps your pet safely within the bounds you designate. Installation is fast and easy! Our wireless pet containment system comes with everything you need to get your invisible fence installed. The Pet Safe wireless pet containment can be used for multiple dogs.

Extra Fence Collars – Most pet containment systems come with only one collar. We offer a variety of collars that work with a eXtreme wireless containment system. It works well with in-ground containment models as well. Collars are available in a wide selection. Some are lightweight for small dogs while others are for larger dogs.

Instant Pet Barriers – These are safe for indoor and outdoor use. Instant pet wireless containment systems are placed in areas you don’t want your dog or cat. This includes off furniture, out of a specific room, away from the yard or swimming pool. You can use eXtreme wireless pet containment system collars with our instant pet barriers. For aesthetic purposes, we carry an instant pet barrier disguised as a rock for discretion.

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