How to Find a Dog-Friendly Apartment

Finding a dog-friendly apartment can be tough. With so many places that are not pet-friendly, it can seem impossible to find the perfect place for you and your pup. But there are some ways that you can narrow down the search and find an amazing place to live. Read below to learn more!

Know What Kind of Dog You Live With

Dogs can be very different from each other. If you have a dog with long hair, you’ll want to find an apartment that has high-quality upholstery and furniture, so they don’t get tangled or ruin the items in their new home. Some dogs shed more than others too which might make it hard for your landlord to allow pets in general.

Also, size is important. Most buildings would not have a problem with small dogs. A big dog can be a problem for any landlord though. A big dog with improperly groomed nails can mean trouble for wood flooring.

Find a Place That Allows Dogs and Has the Amenities You Need

Living with your dog will be a lot easier if you have the amenities you need. You should check for amenities like off-leash play areas or other parks where you can bring your dog to socialize them. Letting your dog make friends with other dogs can do wonders for their mental wellbeing.

Some pet-friendly apartment amenities include:

  • Off-leash play areas
  • Dog grooming service
  • Dog treats in the lobby
  • Dog walking service
  • Doggie daycare service

If you like to exercise with your dog, make sure the apartment provides a place where they can run around. This can be a dog run or just access to outdoor space.

Also, there are apartments that offer dog washing/grooming services for those of us who want our dogs to smell nice all the time! While this may seem like a frivolous amenity, it can really make living in your apartment just a little bit nicer!

Visit the Building and Ask Questions About Pet Policies

Knowing that you’re looking for a building that is pet-friendly, you should always ask about the pet policy immediately. If you call ahead to set up a walkthrough, be sure to bring it up then. Why bother driving to see a building if you already know they will not allow your furry friend?

Also, consider any restrictions a building might have on pets. they might not allow certain breeds, any pets over a certain weight, or they may have a clause that your pet cannot be loud. Ask about any fees for pet rent and whether there is an additional fee when bringing the animal into the building.

Ask Friends if They Know of Any Buildings That Allow Pets

Friends will likely be a good resource if you are not sure where to look. They might be able to put you in touch with someone they know or specific building managers that manage pet-friendly buildings.

If your friends do not have any leads, you can check online. Some apartment hunting websites can filter their listings by if they are pet-friendly or not. Using these filters can make it easier to find the perfect place for your pet.

Consider Apartments Within Walking Distance to Parks Where Your Pup Can Play Outside

Outdoor space is important to your dog’s mental health. Being out in the fresh air will allow him to get his daily dose of exercise and mental stimulation in a safe place. Depending on your breed’s exercise needs, you might want to be able to walk to a safe area where your dog can breathe freely.

Again, your apartment might have a dog run so they can get their exercise. If not, a park might be your next best bet.

Finding a pet-friendly apartment may be difficult, but it will be worth it to know that you and your dog will be comfortable in your new home. Take the time to find an apartment that is just right for you.



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