Benefits of High Fiber Dog Food

Just as it is with humans, fiber is an important ingredient that should not be overlooked in your dog’s diet. With that being said, it is important to note the source of where the fiber is derived from. It should be from plants as opposed to unhealthy fillers such as cellulose which according to the AKC could even be shredded paper.

Whole fruits and vegetables are the best sources of fiber for your dog. The two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble bring their own special benefits. Soluble fiber works to create gases as it ferments within the colon, while insoluble fiber simply absorbs water without producing any gas. Having the right balance between the two is important. Starting with small doses of each and gradually increasing them is your best bet for avoiding any unwanted side effects.

Assists With Digestion

As you might suspect, fiber is a necessary element to keep your dog’s digestive tract in shape. The body often ferments fiber into fatty acids with the help of beneficial bacteria found naturally within your dog’s intestines. This helps any bad bacteria from taking over while helping the colon to restore itself.

Another bonus is that fiber helps to lessen the risk of your dog getting colon cancer. This is because it quickens elimination and as a result cuts down on the exposure of any toxins that your dog may have eaten. In addition to this, if your dog has symptoms of either diarrhea or constipation, eating fiber can lessen their symptoms.

Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight

Switching your dog to dog food that is high in fiber is a great choice if your dog needs to lose weight. This allows you to feed your dog the same amount of food without feeding them as many calories. Foods that are marketed as being weight control dog foods are generally high in fiber.

If you prefer, you can continue to give your dog their regular food, but just less of it. In its place, you can provide them with dog-friendly veggies that are rich in fiber such as green beans. This will help fill them up while not packing on any extra calories.

Bettering Diabetes with Fiber

According to the AKC, eating fiber helps to slow down digestion, which in turn stops blood-sugar levels from rapidly increasing. Fewer variations occur in dogs that eat more fiber, which may help manage their illness more effectively.

Fiber does lessen a dog’s insulin sensitivity; however, researchers haven’t discovered the mechanism of how this works quite yet. Nevertheless, many veterinarians put diabetic dogs on diets that are high in fiber.


Whether your dog has diabetes, is overweight, or just needs to give its digestive system a boost, be sure to look at their dog food ingredients to make sure they are getting enough fiber. Not sure if their food is up to par in the fiber department? The best action you can take is to get advice from your veterinarian about the right food to give your dog.

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