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Cleaning up your kitty’s litter box can be a really messy endeavor. In doing so, you are exposed to some of the potentially harmful toxic fumes that can make you sick. However, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up your cat’s litter box, providing that you have a fully-efficient automatic cat litterbox.

With that being said, keep in mind that all self-cleaning litterboxes are not created equally. It is important to watch out for telltale signs of quality construction that is just so-so. Check out our list of the best self-cleaning litterboxes to get you started.

Our #1 Choice: The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litterbox

Omega Litterbox

Economical and effective, the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litterbox is great because it does not require any electricity or batteries to operate. We think that is fantastic! Even though it doesn’t have a sensor or a timer, it still does an excellent job of managing your cat’s waste. Many people who review it consider it to be one of the best, because it is so easy to use. All you need to do is roll the Omega Paw on its side to separate the litter from the waste.

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Key Features Pros Cons
    • Construction is sturdy and durable
  • Uncomplicated and easy to use
  • New bags may need to be purchased every few weeks
  • Just roll the box to the right and it self-cleans
  • Patented grill allows you to remove cat waste easily
  • Ample space is needed for it to be rolled on its side
  • Does not require electricity, filters or liners
  • No electricity or batteries are needed
  • Comes equipped with a pull-out tray for waste collection
  • No clouds of dust are omitted when you empty the litterbox
  • A 1-Year warranty is included
  • Very inexpensive

Our 2nd Choice: PetSafe Scoop Free Ultra Self-Cleaning Litterbox

The great thing about the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box is an effortless way to dispose of waste for weeks on end. It features an automated raking system, disposable litter trays, integrated sensors and a fully adjustable timer. Although it sounds a bit complicated, it offers hassle-free operation. A hood is included on this automatic cat litter box to give your kitty some privacy when they relieve themselves.

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Key Features Pros Cons
  • Its self-cleaning mechanism is fully automated and keeps the box fresh for weeks
  • Convenient to use, as it offers no-touch cleaning
  • Costs a bit much, but the technology makes it worth the price
  • Has safety sensors for resetting the timer on the rake
  • Hygienic cleanup
  • Not everyone agrees that the crystal litter is the best in absorbing cat urine
  • Comes with a trap that is covered
  • Excellent odor control mechanisms
  • Comes with a fully-disposable leak-proof tray
  • Fully automated sensors
  • Comes with crystal litter that absorbs urine better
  • Privacy hood helps the kitty feel comfortable when pooping

Our 3rd Choice: The Litter Box Kit by Modcat

You may not consider the Modkat to be a self-scooping litterbox, because it doesn’t have a mechanism that separates waste from litter. However, it has one thing that is unique. It has a top entry for the cat. This prevents litter tracking. This keeps debris from coming out of the litterbox itself. It has high walls that help trap nasty smells. It also has a reusable liner which keeps the whole thing free of odors.

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Key Features Pros Cons
  • Has very high walls and a top entry design
  • Its top entry-design prevents litter from being tracked around
  • It is pricey for what you are getting, considering it doesn’t really self-clean
  • Its fully built-in locking lid doubles as a walk off mat
  • Its high walls can keep bad odors from the room
  • You still have to scoop the poop
  • Lid swivels
  • Its ultra-modern look is chic and stylish
  • Its reusable liner can last up to 3 months
  • Long-lasting liners are reusable so you don’t have to buy them often
  • Comes with a litter scoop that hangs on the side

Our 4th Choice: The PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Litterbox

Should you need a fancy and sophisticated self-cleaning litterbox, the PetSafe Simply Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter may be right for you. It has a slow-moving bowl which keeps rotating, moving your cat’s poop up the conveyor where it is dumped into the waste bin. This super slow-moving bowl makes one complete rotation every hour. This eliminates the need for sensors and timers. The only possible issue that may arise is that it has a weight limit of 15 pounds.

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Key Features Pros Cons
  • Self-cleaning mechanism is fully-automated
  • You don’t have to scoop the litter
  • Cats bigger than 15 pounds are out of luck
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Uses less litter than average litter boxes do
  • Certain households may need a longer cord
  • For cats up to 15 pounds
  • Only has to be cleaned every 2 weeks
  • No cover is available so some odor may exist
  • Has a 6-foot power cord
  • Is able to be used with recycled bags
  • Comes complete with a 1-year warranty
  • Relatively inexpensive

Our 5th Choice: CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box

Shaped like a toilet bowl, the Cat Genie Self-Washing Cat Box is a self-washing and self-flushing automatic cat litterbox. It uses washable granules as litter. These granules flush away, to provide easy cleaning. However, it does require that it be attached to a cold water source.

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Key Features Pros Cons
  • Innovative toilet bowl design
  • Its whimsical toilet bowl design makes a great conversation piece
  • Very expensive
  • Cleaning Mechanism is self-cleaning and fully automated
  • Flushes pet’s waste like a real toilet bowl
  • Odor isn’t absorbed by the washable granules
  • Comes with SaniSolution cartridge and washable granules
  • Needs no human effort to scoop, flush and dry itself up
  • Some litter gets stuck in crevices
  • A T-Adapter comes with it to connect with a cold water supply
  • No need to manually handle kitty litter
  • Cleaning cycle takes a bit too long
  • Settings are fully programmable

Buying Guide for Self-Cleaning Litterboxes

Automatic kitty litter boxes are great gadgets to have around for your cat. It makes managing your pet’s waste, allowing you to free up your time for other more pleasurable tasks.

However, the real issue becomes, which one is right for you? Perhaps you don’t know where to start. This buying guide is here to help you pick out the right one for your cat.

How Do Self-Cleaning Litterboxes Work?

Before we talk about how to select one, let’s gain a basic understanding of what we are buying, first of all.

This device makes cleaning up your cat’s poop and urine much easier. It is basically just a regular litterbox that has a built-in mechanism for scooping and separating the waste from the litter sand. Self-cleaning litterboxes can be manual or completely automatic.

Let’s take a moment to discuss how an automatic litterbox works.

  1. Your cat poops or pees

Any substance that your kitty doesn’t need ends up in his urine or feces. Felines cover their droppings in the sand to help cover the smell.

  1. The waste makes clumps in the sand

Depending on the type of litter that put inside of the litterbox, the waste clumps together into balls, making it easier to scoop or remove. This is where the choice of litter becomes important. Depending on the manufacturer of self-cleaning litterboxes may recommend which type of litter they recommend.

Why is this so important? It is because if the urine will not form clumps, it will go straight to the bottom of the pan, soiling the remainder of the litter. When this happens, you have to replace all of the litter. This becomes just a waste of money. Clumping allows the waste to easily be scooped out, and dumped in the trash.

Devices that are fully automated come equipped with a sensor and a timer. The device knows when your cat goes into the litterbox, and a timer begins ticking. This timer usually has a range of 7-10 minutes. Some models allow you to program this timer. If it senses that your cat is still inside of the crate, the timer won’t start yet.

On the other hand, manual litterboxes don’t come with a timer feature. Instead, you would have to see for yourself if the litter has clumped inside of the litterbox. If it is, you can move forward to the next step.

  1. The waste is separated from the clean litter

As described above, when the litter clumps, it can be mechanically removed with ease.

Systems that are fully automated have a rake-like device that instantly activates when the timer has met its predetermined time. The rake pulls the large clump towards its waste collection section, leaving nothing but clean litter in the crate. Some manufacturers add different odor treatments within the litter to maintain a better smell in the litterbox.

If the device is manually operated, you will need to remove the waste from where it has collected in the compartment.

  1. The waste gets disposed of.

Whether your litterbox is automated or not, you are still the one that will have to remove it from the device’s compartment to dispose on your own.

What Kind of Litterbox is Right for Me?

As you may have already noticed, there are 2 types of self-cleaning litterboxes: manual and automatic. Whatever decision you make between the two is a matter of personal preference. However, here are some considerations to review when making a decision.

  1. Consider the size of your cat when making a selection.

Selecting the right litterbox for your cat does depend on its size. There are different sizes of automatic litterboxes out there, so that you can select the right one for your feline friend.

If you have a small cat, or kittens for example, a small crate is the right choice. Also take the height of the litterbox into consideration. If the cat isn’t able to climb over the sides, he might decide to not use it at all.

Standard-sized cates do best in a medium-sized box, and large cats in a large litterbox. If your kitty is extra-large, make sure your litterbox is large enough to accommodate him or her.

Generally speaking, the inner dimensions of the litterbox should be as wide as the length of your cat. However, its inner length dimensions should not be less than 1 ½ times the length of your cat. Your cat needs plenty of room to scratch, bury and cover their poo.

  1. How easy is it to operate the litterbox?

What good is a litterbox if it is complicated to operate? With that being said, if you don’t want to have to constantly check the crate for clumped waste, a fully-automatic litterbox is the best choice. As mentioned, the only thing you will need to do is to dispose of the contents appropriately.

Manual sifting devices are easy to operate as well. However, instead of an automatic raking system, you manually sift the excrement without ever touching it.

Logically, cost also factors in. Fully-automated litterboxes will definitely cost more than manual varieties will.

  1. How easy is the litterbox to clean out and maintain?

Here is a tip: the more complicated the design of the mechanism is, the harder it is going to be to maintain it. Look for litterboxes that have features that simplify and eliminate cleanup and maintenance.

  1. Pay attention to what others are saying about it.

When choosing the right gadget for your pet, it can be a good idea to read the reviews.