Buying and installing an electric dog fence can be a real lifesaver for many people. Installing it yourself saves you big money. Electric dog fences and training collars are safe to use. Dog owners are allowed to choose the appropriate level of correction for each dog, with no worries about injury. Are you ready to make the move and purchase an electric dog fence? Here are some questions to ask yourself in selecting the ideal electric dog fence for your canine.

Do You Already Have a Fence, but Your Dog Keeps Getting Out Anyway?

Perhaps you have a physical fence in place, but your dog keeps getting out. This can lead to frantic searching for your pet, and upset neighbors. In cases like these, an electric dog fence works great as a secondary layer of security. An electric dog fence can give you peace of mind, knowing that your dog is not going to get out of your yard.

Do You Have Time and Attention to Train Your Dog on an Electric Dog Fence?

Know this. You can’t just put the collar on your dog and send them outdoors without a few weeks of training so that they understand the concept. For it to be an effective solution, it has to be used as a training tool. The dog sees the flags posted around the border, and makes the association of that being his boundary, with a bit of training from you. We offer complete instructions on our website on how to train your dog on an electric dog fence.

Will My Electric Dog Fence Work in All Types of Weather?

The answer is yes. Even in extreme heat or cold weather, the performance of your fence will not be affected. With that being said, keep this in mind. If you choose a cheap and flimsy wire for your dog fence, it is likely to break on you, due to environmental factors. Going with a heavy-duty 14-gauge dog fence wire will save you from the headache of having your wire snap in two, and trying to dig it up to find where it is broken.

Is An Electric Dog Fence Appropriate for Your Dog?

Perhaps you have a small dog, or a puppy? As long as your dog weighs 5 pounds or more, an electric dog fence is an acceptable solution. Just be sure to choose the right collar for them, such an Elite Little Dog Collar, that is lightweight and offers gentler corrections than the rest. If you have a puppy, we recommend waiting until they are around 6 months of age, or until they are able to follow basic commands, such as sit, stay and come.

Is an Electric Dog Fence Safe With Children Around?

Nothing to worry about with this one. There is no electrical current that runs through your dog fence wire, so there is no electricity to worry about children coming in contact with. A radio signal is traveling through the dog fence wire. The dog receives a static shock through his collar. Only dogs wearing the special dog collar will feel the static shock.

How Much Money Can I Save Installing it Myself?

To find out, feel free to call a big company such as Invisible Fence® yourself. You are likely to find it will save you $1000 or more, depending on the size of your property and the number of dogs you have. You don’t have to be an electrician to install an electric dog fence yourself. All you need to do is bury the wire 1-3 inches deep, around the perimeter of your yard. Connect this loop with a section of twisted wire, and lead it in to your transmitter, which is inside your house or garage. That’s it! We have specific instructions to help you out on our website.

What About Power Interruptions?

If your power goes out, your electric dog fence does too. Most systems do not have a backup system in place in case your electricity goes out. For this reason, you may choose to attach a battery backup such as is used with your computer system. Another thing to think about is lightning. Unless you have a quality lightning surge protector used with your system, you risk your transmitter becoming fried if lightning strikes. All of our Custom Pro DIY dog fence systems come complete with an upgraded lightning surge protector to offer the ultimate in storm protection.

What About Burying the Wire?

Many people wonder how deep down the wire should be buried. The answer is 1-3 inches. However, know this. You don’t have to bury the wire, if you don’t want to. Wire is buried for aesthetic purposes, or for those that worry that their dog fence wire may become damaged in some way. If you choose a heavy-duty 14-gauge wire with your system, you may choose to tack it to the ground with lawn staples instead, making your installation much easier.

What Type of Maintenance Is Involved with an Electric Dog Fence?

The answer is none. Other than having to recharge your dog’s collar or replace their batteries from time to time, there is nothing for you to worry about. With that being said, if you choose a thin 20-gauge wire for your electric dog fence, it is only a matter of time before your dog fence wire breaks on you, and your fence will no longer be functional. Make a smart decision up front to go with the better wire, and you won’t have to worry about a headache later.

Need some help in choosing the right electric dog fence? Just give us a call and we will be glad to help you out! 800-396-5517.