Anyone who’s gotten a new puppy has probably been surprised to find out how much they sleep. Just like human babies, young puppies can spend much of the day sleeping.

But even as dogs grow older, they can sleep away big chunks of the day. Why do dogs sleep so much? Is it a bad sign that a dog sleeps so much?

Today we take a look at the sleep pattern of dogs and why they sleep so much.

Why Dogs Sleep So Much

Before we start discussing why dogs sleep so much, how much is too much? Your dog’s sleep needs will change as they age, so it’s essential to compare their sleep to that of dogs their age.

Puppies can sleep up to eighteen or nineteen hours a day. And puppies need all that sleep. Their body is growing, and their brain is developing. Because of this, a puppy is going to take every opportunity to doze.

An adult dog can spend as much as twelve hours a day sleeping. On top of that, they can spend another few hours each day merely napping. This is especially the case if your dog is left alone while you go to work. If your dog has nothing better to do, they’ll likely just lie down for a nap.

If your dog is sleeping half the day, there’s no need to worry. If your dog sleeps a lot or a little, there’s no need to worry. You might consider calling your vet if the amount of time they sleep has drastically changed recently. If your dog used to sleep about half the day but are now always asleep or resting, you should consider calling your vet if their energy level doesn’t get any better. Changes in their sleep pattern can be a sign that something is wrong.

Give Your Dog Some Excitement

If your dog does spend a large part of the day alone, you should seriously consider giving them a bit more excitement. When your dog gets bored, they might just sleep more. There’s also the likelihood that they can start acting out in destructive ways. If you come home from work to find the house is a mess or your favorite shoes have been chewed on, think of ways to occupy your dog.

One great choice is to get your dog a puzzle toy. These toys are usually filled with treats, and it’s up to your dog to figure out how to get them out. These puzzle toys are great at occupying your dog and letting them work their mind.

You can even consider getting a dog camera to check in with your dog during the day. Place the camera facing a spot your dog likes to relax in, so you have a high chance of seeing them during the day. Just checking on them while you’re out can give you a better idea of what your dog might need while you’re away.

Another way to spice up your dog’s life is to get a dog walking service. These services will go to your home and get your dog out for a walk and usually some playtime. You can talk to whoever will be walking your dog about possibly grooming your dog as well.

What to Do If Your Dog Sleeps Too Much

If you are concerned that your dog has been sleeping too much, you should certainly take them to your vet. A dog who is sleeping a lot or more often than they were before can be suffering from hypothyroidism, back pain, diabetes, anxiety, or several different ailments.

You might notice these symptoms if your dog is sleeping too much:

  • Their sleep patterns have changed recently.
  • Your dog sleeps even if there are more entertaining things to do.
  • Your dog’s sleeping is interfering with their eating and drinking.
  • You have difficulty waking your dog in the morning.
  • Your dog wakes suddenly and seems anxious.

If your dog starts displaying these symptoms, you should contact your vet right away. This can be a sign that there is a problem. Make sure you take note of what specific symptoms you notice. The more specific you can be with the signs you see, the better your vet will be able to figure out what’s going on.

As dogs age, their sleep patterns may change. Sudden or drastic changes to their sleep patterns can be a reason to speak with your vet.


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