Dog Fence Training flags are used to give your dog a good visual aid as to where you dog fence boundary runs. recommends placing your training flags every 4 feet apart or closer to give your dog the best visual boundary possible. These dog fence training flags are temporary – once your dog is completely trained on the new fence system you’ll slowly remove the training flags. Flexpetz training flags are larger than the factory grade flags included with your electric dog fence system, making them easier for your dog to see from a distance.

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Product Description

Electric dog fence training flags create a visual perimeter letting your dog know where his new boundaries are. The flags are installed at 4-6 ft. intervals all along your perimeter wire as well as along any exclusion zones you’ve created. The flags will remain in place during the training phase and will be gradually removed once your dog is fully trained and comfortably using the system.

For more information on training flags please see the Removing Flags section of our training guide.


  • 50 White Training Flags 
  • Enough For 1/4 to 1/3 Acre (200-300 Linear Ft.)
  • Large 3″x3″ Flag
  • “12” Steel Shaft
  • Compatible With All Dog Fence Systems.


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