eXtreme Dog Fence Pro-Grade System Includes:

  • Digital Transmitter – 10 Acre Capacity
  • 1 Waterproof Collar Receiver
  • 1500′ of eXtreme Dog Fence Boundary Wire
  • 50′ of 16 Gauge eXtreme Dog Fence Twisted Wire
  • eXtreme Dog Fence Surge Protector
  • 1 Battery for Collar Receiver
  • 2 Pairs of Contact Points (1x Small, 1x Large)
  • 150 Training Flags
  • 6 Professional Splice Kits
  • 10 Landscape/Yard Staples

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  • Sale! Perimeter 6v Battery

    eXtreme Dog Fence® 6-Volt Collar Battery

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  • 16 gauge Twisted Wire - 50 ft spool

    eXtreme Dog Fence® Brand 16-Gauge Twisted Wire (50 ft)

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  • Dog Collar Receiver

    Active Containment System Add-On Dog Collar Receiver

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Pro Grade Dog Fence System
Pro Grade System
An electric dog fence is the perfect way to keep your dog safely contained on your property, while giving him freedom off the leash at the same time.


How much wire do I need?
Active collar

Featuring a receiver collar that is super small and lightweight, the eXtreme Dog Fence® Prograde allows you to program the correction level of each collar independently. This is especially important in multi-dog households. Rich in features, the eXtreme system has specialized options such as comfort contact points, Temperature Check, Wire Check and Frequency Selection. Because of its overall reliability, it is our number one choice of dog fences on the market today.

Pro Grade System




with one system

Unlimited Dog with one system

Collar Features

professional dog fence | dog fence kits

Digital Frequency Encoding: The digital frequency encoding is a helpful feature if you think a neighbor may have a dog fence. This tech feature eliminates stray signal interference from neighboring dog fence systems.

Small & Lightweight: One of the lightest and smallest collars in the industry, the eXtreme Active Collar only weighs 1.1 ounces. This makes it a great choice for dogs weighing as little as 8 pounds.

Comfort Contacts: The eXtreme Dog Fence collar comes with a set of contact points that are covered in a conductive rubber, known as Comfort Contacts™. They still allow the correction to be delivered through them. The difference is that the rubber is softer and therefore more comfortable for the dog. This makes our system ideal for dogs with sensitive skin.

7 Individual Correction Settings: In addition to 7 levels of correction, the eXtreme Dog Fence collar has a beep only mode that is used for training. Levels 1-5 are a steady correction, where levels 6 and 7 are progressive. A progressive level means the correction starts out low and ramps up to a higher level. The correction levels are set on the transmitter itself, as opposed to being set on the collar. As mentioned, the correction level on each collar can be set independently. This makes the eXtreme system ideal for multi-dog households that weigh 8 pounds or more.

Battery Check: Our patented battery check feature makes sure that you only change the battery when it is truly depleted. This feature auto-activates every 2 hours to ensure you know as soon as your battery has become low.

Fully Waterproof: There are no dials or buttons on the collar itself. This allows the collar to be truly waterproofed. In fact, it can be fully submersed and still function properly. Due to this feature, it makes an excellent choice for properties that have lakes, ponds or pools, or places that have a rainy climate.

Disposable Proprietary Battery: The eXtreme Collar runs on a proprietary battery that is disposable. This may be considered a drawback for those who prefer a rechargeable collar. However, because it is not rechargeable, it is nice that you don’t have to remember to recharge it every day. You can expect each battery to require changing every 3-4 months. Your collar will begin blinking about 1 week before the battery in the collar has completely depleted.

Transmitter Features

professional dog fence | dog fence kits

Multiple Frequencies: The multiple frequency selection is one of the standout features of the eXtreme Dog Fence® transmitter. This feature ensures that your dog fence will work without interruption, even if your neighbor has a fence as well.

Adjustable Boundary Zone: You are able to adjust the boundary zone width on the transmitter. This means that you are able to control how close your dog gets to the wire before receiving a correction. The boundary zone width adjustment of the extreme Dog Fence® is completely digital, so you are able to make precise adjustments.

Temp Check & Wire Check: The Temp Check feature on the extreme Dog Fence® means that the system automatically senses and adjusts for temperature and electrical changes that could affect the performance of your dog fence boundary wire. In extreme climates, this becomes really important. Its Wire Check feature means that the transmitter will audibly alert you if there is a break or inconsistency in your dog fence wire.

10 Acre Capacity: Our extreme Dog Fence® is capable of containing a property of 10 acres or less. This is enough for most situations, either in the country or the city.

Lacks Battery Backup: It should be noted that should the power go out, your dogs will be unprotected. This is because the system does not have a battery backup, in case of a power failure. Although the transmitter is very reliable, should the power go out, your fence will not be operational.

16 Gauge 1500 ft.

Heavy Duty Boundary Wire

Specs: 16 gauge with polyethylene jacket (UV resistant, direct ground burial rated)

This heavy duty gauge boundary wire is so durable that it allows for many installation options you won’t find possible with a thin 20 gauge wire. This wire will perform for over 20 years, even in eXtreme elements.

16 gauge Twisted Wire - 50 ft spool

16 AWG Twisted Wire

Specs: 16 gauge with .045 polyethylene jacket (UV resistant, direct ground burial rated)

This wire is used to connect the boundary loop to the transmitter or you can use it to connect one loop to another. Twisted wire offers a length of dog fence that is neutralized so the dog can freely pass over it.

Sample Layouts

Boundary wire

Back and Front

The most common layout, providing unrestricted access to the front and backyard for the dog’s enjoyment.

Double Loop

Double Loop

Choose this layout if you need to contain your backyard only. Parallel wires must be separated by at least 4 feet.

Existing Fence

Existing Fence

A variation on the double loop method, where the wire runs parallel on the fence, separated by at least 4 feet.

Pinch Layout


An alternative to the double loop method, running closely against the front of the house for efficiency.

The Hourglass Layout


Allows your dog access to the front and backyard while preventing movement between the two areas.

One-sided Boundary Layout

Single Side

Can be used to keep the dog out of the road. Parallel wires must be separated by 4 feet.

Wire Placement

Pro Grade Electric Dog Fence Review

How to program your correction level

Customer Service


Having a DIY dog fence kit does mean that you will need to install it yourself. A bit of digging, connecting the wires and testing the fence is required. If you happen to run into trouble, know that one of our helpful customer service reps in Cincinnati, OH is just a phone call away. Our award-winning customer service agents will walk you through the process, every step of the way.

An American Company


When you choose to buy Extreme®, you are buying from an American company with deep roots in the Southeast. Our founder of Extreme Dog Fence® founded the company on a shoestring budget, over 10 years ago. Family owned, Extreme Dog Fence has become one of the leading Dog Fence manufacturers in the United States.

Take a look at what third-party experts are saying about us


A successful Amazon seller for the past 10 years, let’s talk about why we become Amazon’s Choice in electric dog fences. Amazon’s Choice indicates “highly rated, well-priced products that are available to ship immediately.” Amazon bases their selection primarily on customer satisfaction, and the Extreme Dog Fence has earned Amazon’s coveted 5-star rating. Superior American-based customer service and a quality product are two of the most talked-about and appreciated aspects of our company.

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Pet Life Today

Pet Life Today is an independent site which only reviews pet-related items. Their team of advisors is solely comprised of board-certified Veterinarians. Product researchers and writers at Pet Life today are passionate about their love of pets and take serious consideration into formulating their recommendations. Awarded their top pick in electronic fences, Pet Life Today states that the Extreme dog fence is the “clear winner” according to their research.

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Best Reviews

Best Reviews is the leading authority site that independently reviews various types of merchandise, in order to guide the consumer to an intelligent purchasing decision. Their recommendations are not arbitrary, but rather they are based on a series of testing and research. Best Reviews then compares one product in a given category against another. In 2019, Best Reviews named our Extreme Dog Fence #1, and gave it their “Best of the Best” rating.

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For more than 100 years, the Better Business Bureau has guided consumers, providing recommendations of companies and brands that they believe in. Their goal is to instill trust between the buyer and the marketplace, providing contemplating consumers with a sense of direction. At Extreme Dog Fence, our superior quality and positive reputation walk hand in hand. Extreme Dog Fence proudly accepts the A rating that we have been awarded by the Better Business Bureau.

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Trusted Support

Call Customer Care for live help:


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Owner’s Manual Download

Dog Fence Manual - English

Dog Fence User Manual - English

Dog Fence Manual - Spanish

Dog Fence User Manual - Spanish

Questions & Answers

Question: I have 1 acre of land. How much wire do I need?

Answer: You would need to order 1,000 feet of wire with your kit, since the wire comes in 500 ft. increments. Regarding a more specific number you will end up using, you would need to take into consideration the shape of the boundary. For example, if the boundary is shaped in a square, you would need approximately 836 feet total.

Question: What batteries does the collar use?

Answer: The active collar (red strap and blue receiver) runs on Perimeter 6-volt batteries. Our stubborn dog collar (solid blue) runs on 7.5 volt collar batteries.

Question: Does it alert you if your dog gets out?

Answer: No, there is no alarm or notification at the transmitter if the dog gets out of the boundary.

Question: Can additional collars be added in the future for other dogs?

Answer: Absolutely! An unlimited number of dogs can be contained on this system.

Question: Do I need to be an electrician to install this fence?

Answer: No you don’t need to be an electrician. Hooking up your dog fence is quite simple, and doesn’t require any special skills to complete. All you need to be able to do is hook up 2 wires to 2 screws on the transmitter.

Question: Will the entire dog fence work if there is a break anywhere in the wire?

Answer: No it won’t. If there is even the smallest break in your dog fence wire, your entire fence is compromised, and an alarm will sound at the transmitter. This alarm means that if your dog is out in your yard, he is not protected and can get out of the fence. This is why choosing the right dog fence wire in the first place is so important.

Question: Can I run the wire above the ground, along a fence for example?

Answer: Yes, you absolutely can. However, it is highly recommended if doing this that you go with a Pro Grade or Max Grade kit that comes with a thick and sturdy cable to protect it from a potential wire break.

Question: Will a yard that has a lot of trees disrupt the dog fence signal?

Answer: Absolutely not. No amount of trees will interfere with the signal coming off of our eXtreme Dog Fence Wire.

Question: How many collars come with the kit and can I order extras?

Answer: One collar comes with your kit. You can add as many collars as you need by using the dropdown menu to do so.

Question: Do you have a remote trainer that works with your dog fence?

Answer: Yes, we sell a remote trainer, but it doesn’t use the same collar as your dog fence does. However, what you can do is remove the receiver from the remote trainer collar and slide it onto your dog fence collar, so that both receivers are on the one collar.

Question: Is there a vibration feature as well as a tone and a shock?

Answer: No, there is no vibrate feature on the eXtreme Dog Fence.

Question: Can I just wait until the spring to bury the wire? Will the wire be okay if there is snow on top of it?

Answer: Our Prograde and Max grade wire definitely sturdy enough to weather the elements. You can certainly wait until the spring to bury your dog fence wire.

Question: Does the transmitter need to be mounted in a temperature-controlled environment?

Answer: No it doesn’t. High or low temperatures are not an issue; however your dog fence transmitter can absolutely NOT get wet.

Question: How old does my dog need to be to use the eXtreme Dog Fence?

Answer: As young as 6 months old is fine. The important thing is that the dog needs to be able to understand basic commands.

Question: Can the transmitter be plugged into an outdoor porch?

Answer: Yes it can. However since it must be protected from moisture, it should be kept in a waterproof box, such as a sprinkler box.

Question: What is the twisted wire used for?

Answer: Twisted wire is used to connect the boundary loop to the transmitter. When used in this way, twisted wire is neutral and won’t correct your dog for crossing over it. However, twisted wire can never be used as part of your boundary loop itself.

Question: Does the dog fence wire need to be ran in one continuous loop? Can it just be ran on one side of the property?

Answer: Yes, as with any dog fence, your dog fence wire must be ran in one continuous loop. Yes it can be ran just on one side of the property, but a double loop must be created there, with 4 feet separating its parallel sides.

Question: Will the collars still shock with the rubber contact points covering the tips?

Answer: Yes, they will. The rubber contact points are metal-infused, so they are still able to deliver the static correction through them.

Question: How deep should I bury the dog fence wire?

Answer: 3-6 inches is recommended.

Question: In a double loop installation, can I put both loops together in the same trench?

Answer: No you can’t. The parallel wires must be separated by 4 feet, which means they must be buried in 2 separate trenches.

Weight 36.0000 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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