• Improve your beloved pet’s quality of life with the freedom to play, use the bathroom, or just get a fresh breath of air whenever he/she feels the desire
  • Magnetic sealing flap creates a barrier that separates the weather outside from the temperature inside
  • Includes a sliding security panel that is easily secured into place with 2 easy-slide locks. Keeps your house safe when you are away
  • Rugged construction. The tough aluminum frame will not deteriorate in eXtreme weather. The beauty and reliability of this pet door will remain year after year after year

Watch your dog’s personality flourish. This freedom to decide when he goes outdoors and comes back in helps relieve:

  • Anxiety
  • Boredom
  • Frustration
  • Depression
Major Credit cards
Dog coming out

eXtreme doggie doors for small dogs give your pet the freedom to go in and out on his own, allowing you to relax or continue any task you may be preoccupied with. The rugged aluminum frame does not deteriorate in eXtreme weather like the cheaply made plastic products offered at higher price points. Whether snow, rain, UV rays, etc., this door’s frame is ‘rock solid’ and will not break down on you. It’s the ideal pet door for those who only want to install a pet door one time.

Many customers who purchased one of the eXtreme Dog Fence kits for their yard have found this doggy door to be a perfect companion. Your dog(s) will be able to go outside anytime they need to do their business. Meanwhile, you have the peace of mind in knowing that they are safely secured inside the fence boundary you have set.

The included locking security panel allows to to ensure that no unwanted visitors enter your home when you are away. The beautiful finish complements any external door with a touch of class.

Dog Door Dimensions
This SMALL eXtreme weather pet door dimensions are:
  • Entry / Flap = 6 5/8″ Wide x 9 1/2″ High
  • Overall = 9 15/16″ Wide x 13 7/16″ High (from 1 1/4″ to 2 1/4″ deep)

Enhance your dog’s and your own quality of life with an eXtreme weather dog door, TODAY!!!

Dog Bored

End your dog’s boredom

Don’t leave your dogs trapped inside of your home without a way to release all of their pent-up energy. Allowing your dogs to come and go when they please will make them less likely to misbehave out of excessive boredom.

No more accidents

No More Accidents

Nobody wants to have to come home after working all day and have to face a gross situation, courtesy of their canine companions. The bottom line is that your dogs deserve the right to relieve themselves when nature calls.

Healthy Dog

Keep your dog healthy

Insert both halves of your dog door frame into the cutout, clamping them tightly together. Drill pilot holes for screws around the sides, top and bottom of the overlapping sleeve joints of the internal and external frames.

Dog Door Structure

Solid Aluminum Construction

Practically indestructible, our eXtreme Aluminum Dog Door is forged from the finest-quality Australian aluminum. Performing excellently even in extreme weather conditions, our eXtreme Aluminum Dog Door opens and closes securely with strong magnets. Sleep soundly, as your eXtreme Aluminum Dog Door offers maximum safety with its securely locking panel.

Easy DIY Installation

Door Installation - Step 01


Measure your pet, to determine the placement of the template on your door, per the instructions provided with your dog door. Use a pencil to mark the full rectangular cutout of the template onto your door.

Door Installation - Step 02


Drill a hole inside each of the 4 corners of your template. Using a jigsaw, or jab saw, begin cutting out your dog door opening, using your pencil outline as a guide, and your drilled holes as beginning points.

Door Installation - Step 03


Insert both halves of your dog door into the cutout, clamping them tightly together. Drill pilot holes for screws around the sides, top and bottom of the overlapping sleeve joints of the internal and external frames.

Door Installation - Step 04


Apply a silicone bead around the outer frame of the dog door, inside and out. Apply another bead inside the frame where the overlapping ends. Remove the clamps after 2 hours pass.

Dog Door Installation Video

For a successful DIY installation for our eXtreme Dog Door please refer to our video where we provide useful information that you will need such as tools and a step by step visual installation of our door.

Safe Family
Locking Mechanism

Keep Your Family Safe

Offering uncompromised strength and safety, our eXtreme pure aluminum dog doors feature a solid and substantial sliding panel that is of supreme durability. Its corner locking mechanisms hold this aluminum panel securely in place. Rest assured that your home will remain thoroughly safe and protected.

Dog Door Warranty

5 Year Warranty

We are so confident in the strength and durability of our dog doors that we are offering you a 5-year warranty! Should your dog door become bent or damaged for any reason, we will replace it with no questions asked.

*5-Year Limited Warranty: Cover the Aluminum Frame (not the flaps).

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Dog Door Instructions

Dog Door Manual - English

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 14 × 3 in


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