• Heavy-Duty 14-Gauge Dog Fence Wire
  • Twisted every ¼ inch
  • 150 Feet
  • Solid Core
  • UV-Resistant and Waterproof
  • Rated for Direct Ground Burial
  • Thicker Than Professional Wire
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Product Description

How much wire do i need?

eXtreme™ Dog Fence Wire was created to fulfill our customer’s need: to avoid costly and time-draining wire breaks. It is best to upgrade your dog fence wire right from the beginning. This ensures that your investment is protected.

Our eXtreme™ Twisted Dog Fence Wire is a durable and thick 14-gauge twisted wire. It has a superior wire coating that is 3 times thicker than any other gauge of twisted wire.

Our eXtreme™ Twisted Dog Fence Wire is significantly stronger than the wire used by other companies, such as Invisible Fence® brand. When you compare it to the wire that comes in prepackaged kits, our wire has 7X the thickness.

Available in continuous lengths of 50, 100 and 150 feet.


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