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  • COMPATIBLE: Works with eXtreme Dog Fence Hyper (stubborn dog) collar (light blue strap with blue rectangular receiver)
  • COMPATIBLE: Works with Perimeter Technologies stubborn dog collar (black strap with black rectangular receiver)
  • LIFE: After the first battery is depleted, subsequent batteries have an average life of about 4 months
  • SHELF LIFE: Your batteries will hold for 3 years when stored in a cool dry place
  • POLARITY: The battery will go into the collar negative side in first. Positive side closest to outside of the receiver
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This battery will power the following collar receivers:

  • eXtreme Dog Fence ‘Hyper’ (stubborn dog) collar (light blue strap and blue rectangular receiver)
  • Perimeter Technologies’ stubborn dog collar (black strap and black rectangular receiver)

This battery will NOT power the following collar receivers:

  • eXtreme Dog Fence ‘Active’ collar (red strap and blue oval receiver)
  • Perimeter Technologies native collar (black strap and gray oval receiver)
  • Other brands/models of electric dog fence

These batteries will average about 4 months of life per battery (after the initial training battery). The true life of the battery will depend on how often your dog will challenge the fence line after training has been successfully completed. Able to power fence collars for up to 4 months.

Lithium metal lightweight design for your dog’s continued comfort 3 year shelf life so that you can keep some on hand for convenience. Additional eXtreme Dog Fence parts and kits available in our Amazon store. Be sure you store your extra batteries in a cool dry place, in order to maintain shelf life.

Weight 0.2500 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1 in

7 reviews for Battery for eXtreme Stubborn Collar

  1. Jim Moreno

    Great! First set lasted about six months.

  2. Cindy Straub (verified owner)

    Battery barely lasted 4 months and I do not use the collar everyday. The original one I got with the system lasted a year

    • Kelsey Pangallo (verified owner)

      Hello Cindy,

      I do apologize that the battery did not last as long as the first one did. We would love to speak to you about this issue, if you wanted to reach out to us at 1-800-305-6116. We do typically see a trend of the battery lasting anywhere from 2-6 months. It all depends on how many times the dog is testing the boundary on how long the battery last.


      Kelsey @ Extreme Dog Fence

  3. Chelsea Naumowitz

    My collar did not come with a battery. I have the normal collar. Which battery do I need?

    • Kelsey Pangallo (verified owner)

      Hello Chelsea,

      I do apologize that your collar did not come with a battery. It should of come with one, if you reach out to our support email we can go ahead and get you a battery sent out right away. The email is [email protected].


      Kelsey @ Extreme Dog Fence

  4. Martha Sellers (verified owner)

    I purchased this system 3 years ago for my two German Shepherds. The company has been very good at replacing the collars and batteries for damage. The batteries 7.5 volt has lasted 6 months before replacing them. I am very satisfied. Would greatly recommend this system. My dogs stay safe within my yard.

  5. Rick Harrison (verified owner)

    The battery lasted about 20 days until the collar flashed. Never had that experience, and it usually lasts months (three-six months depending on how Beagle-ly the beagle is). So, why 5 stars? Got on the website chat, explained the problem, the rep looked it up, and a new battery is in the mail. Super easy. Every single time I’ve dealt with their customer service just reaffirms that I made a good call to go with this company.

  6. Andy Kligerman (verified owner)

    I cannot say enough about how good the customer service is at this company. I ordered the wrong battery for my dog’s collar. Contacted them, and they quickly sent out the correct one for me free of charge (no pun intended!) . I have never worked with a more responsive company.

  7. Jeanne Piscopo

    Let me tell you, if I still managed a company I would ask Darianne to come work for me! I had an issue with my collar battery and just emailed a little comment on their chat page and BOOM! Then next morning Darianne had written my an email stating she looked up my last order and is replacing it! If that’s not customer service and going above and beyond, I dont know what is. Hats off to EDF for hiring and keeping the best talent in the game out there!

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