Wysong Corporation of Midland, Michigan, issued a recall for eight different batches of Wysong dry extruded dog foods on October 27, 2009. The batches were produced during the months of June, July, and August 2009.

The affected batches include Wysong Maintenance dry extruded dog foods with lot numbers 090617, 090624, 090706, 090720, and 090817. Also affected are Wysong Senior products with lot numbers 090623 and 090811, as well as Wysong Synorgon with lot number 090629.

A faulty moisture-checking device led to high mold levels in the affected batches. Further aggravating the problem was particularly high humidity on the dates the batches were manufactured. These combined factors led the company to issue a recall of the batches listed above.

While there is a danger for pets when consuming products with mold, the levels present in the affected batches are of no danger to pets and have been recalled only as a precaution. If consumed, the most severe symptom a pet might experience is a loose stool, a condition which should clear up when switching to a different, non-affected lot number.

If you have any Wysong dry extruded dog foods in the listed batches, the company recommends you contact the point of purchase for an exchange or refund.

For further assistance, pet owners can contact Wysong through email or by phone at 1-989-631-0009