What We Love About Cats

Dogs are considered man’s best friends, but cats have a special place in our hearts. Here’s what we love about cats!

Great Companion Pets

Cats are lovely companion pets. They are happy to sit alongside you while you work and go about your day. Cats show their love by hanging around in a mostly non-bothersome way. And because they are so good at understanding your mood, they are around when you want them to be, and go off on their own when you need time to yourself.

Cats are (Generally) Quiet

Cats don’t vocalize nearly as much as dogs. And that’s a relief for people who prefer peace and quiet. However, some cats like to meow more than others, so you might find your cat has a lot more to say than you realize! If you live in an apartment or other home where keeping the noise to a minimum is important, then a cat might be a good pet for you!

They are Low-Maintenance

You don’t need to take your cat on walks or play fetch with them a few sessions a day. Your cat requires stimulation, but many of their activities are done in a solitary way – like a few minutes at the scratching post or looking out a window at the birds from a cat tree perch. Pretty much you need to be around to feed your cat, empty their litter box, and take them to a vet. Play with them when they want to play, which is less often than dogs.

Cats are Inside Pets

Cats are meant to be indoors. That means you don’t have to take them out for walks or find outdoor areas for your cat to workout. Everything they need to survive and be content can all be done right in your home. This is especially important for apartment or condo-dwellers who don’t always have easy access to outdoor spaces. If you’re limited on space and like the idea of a pet who can enjoy your home without the need to spend time outdoors, cats might be the ideal pet for you.

Cats Hunt Pests

Do you know what pets don’t spend a lot of time around cats? Spiders, flies, mice, and more! Cats are naturally drawn to things that flit around. They also can have a high prey drive that compels them to go after rodents and other pests. It’s a good thing too! You’re less likely to have any infestations with cats around.

Cats are Easy to Toilet Train

It’s pretty much as simple as showing your kitten where the litter box is! Cats naturally know when they go to cover their tracks. Even feral cats can be taught where to use the potty. Some cats are so smart, their owners are able to teach them to use the bathroom in the toilet! Now that’s one smart pet!

Cats Cost Less to Care For

Cats are less costly than dogs and many other pets. Here’s a list of the basics you need to own a cat:

  • Cat Food
  • Food Dish
  • Water Dish
  • A few toys
  • A brush
  • A collar and ID tag
  • Litter box and litter
  • Cat carrier
  • A bed or blanket

That’s pretty much all you will need to take care of your cat. If you compare how much it costs to take care of a dog, it’s about the same but with these differences.

Cats are generally smaller animals than dogs. This means that while your dog might be gulping down multiple cups of food a day, your cat is going to take a lot longer to go through the same amount of food. Cats also are a lot better at entertaining themselves. While a dog might destroy a boxful of new toys each year, your cat is likely going to get by with just the bare minimum. Your cat might even keep themselves entertained with your old Amazon boxes. Cats usually have cheaper medical bills than the average dog, as well.

In the end, it’s not about what animal is better. Of course, some people might have preferences regarding the kind of pet they like. The truth is that getting a pet is meant to enrich both your life and theirs. Cats may have nine lives, but we only need one to show them how much we love them.