Wouldn’t it be nice if you could bring your dog with you on errands? It might surprise you to know that there are some popular chain stores that have dog-friendly visitation policies. So, what stores are dog friendly? Obviously pet store chains are an option, but they aren’t the only place.

These days, nearly every household has a dog. So, businesses are going the extra mile to make their stores dog-friendly. Shopping can be boring but bringing your dog can make it a little extraordinary.

Here, we’ve listed some popular, national chain stores that often allow dogs. This way, you can combine your doggy bonding time with your shopping routine.

A Disclaimer

Dog-friendly policies can vary from store to store, even within the same chain. Even despite nationwide pet friendly policies, managers may not prefer having dogs in their store. So, we suggest calling a store in advance and asking a manager directly.

Grocery stores, due to food preparation rules often do not have pet-friendly policies. If you’re looking for places to eat with your dog, look for restaurants with patio seating. Again, not all patio restaurants allow pets, so it’s important that you call in advance.

Dog-Friendly Stores


Hardware stores and home improvement stores are often pet-friendly. Lowe’s actual policy states service dogs only, however, people have called individual stores and gotten different answers. We suggest calling ahead just in case.

Home Depot

Home Depot has a very welcoming policy for dogs. The aisles are wide and spacious, giving you and your pup plenty of room to wander without inconveniencing other shoppers. Although a few customers have reported that they and their dog have been turned away, most people have had good experiences bringing their dogs into Home Depot stores.

Abercrombie & Fitch

This is one of those cases of a store being hit-or-miss in the dog-friendly department. Although may customers report bringing their pooch into the store, some have been turned away. If you are planning to visit Abercrombie & Fitch with a pet, definitely call first.

Ace Hardware

In the same vein with Lowe’s and Home Depot, some Ace Hardware stores are dog-friendly. Since Ace Hardwares are individually owned franchises, it’s important for you to find out what your local store pet policy is. No one likes surprises!

American Apparel

We have found that stores in a mall are less likely to have good pet policies, but if you can find an American Apparel in an outdoor mall or with a street entrance, those stores are far more likely to allow pets. Interesting in clothes for pets?

Free People

Bring your pup to Free People! This women’s clothing retail store is a pet-friendly haven. Customers have had great experiences bringing their dogs to Free People.

Hobby Lobby

Feel the need to get crafty? Like most stores, Hobby Lobby pet policies can vary from location to location. Call up the manager and ask. Then, get ready for some creative shopping with your furry BFF.

Lush Cosmetics

Lush takes their cruelty-free policy seriously and they welcome dogs into their stores. Lush locations within indoor malls may be harder to bring a pet to.

Tractor Supply Co.

Tractor Supply Co. is extremely pet-friendly. They even hold an annual Pet Appreciation Week yearly where you can adopt pets from local shelters.

Bass Pro Shop

Bass Pro Shop is a fishing, hunting and sporting goods supply store. “While most Bass Pro Shops do allow pets, local ordinances and laws may supercede this.  Service animals are always welcome.  Please contact the store you will be visiting prior to arriving to verify if your pet will be allowed in store.”

Half Price Books

Half Price Books has a store-by-store pet policy. According to their blog, “Some stores welcome dogs, and others know that their customers prefer to shop without barks and tail wags. For those that do welcome pups, they request you bring leashes and respect other customers by not disrupting their shopping experience.”

Run Errands with Your Furry Friend!

If you frequent the same stores on your weekly errands, why not give the shops a call and ask about their pet policy. It can’t hurt to ask, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find how many places allow dogs.

Instead of leaving your pup home, you can bring them with you. There are some great benefits to taking your dog with you to places with people and other pets. Namely, your dog will get more socialized. The more you expose them to new environments and situations, the better they adapt.

Dogs need stimulation, and taking them with you in the car, on errands and to play in new places does just that. No need to crate them alone for hours when you can bring them with you!

Do you know of dog-friendly places near where you live? There are plenty of websites dedicated to sharing dog-friendly stores including Bring Fido. So, be sure to share your experiences online!