Do you have a small dog that loves to dig holes in your yard? Or perhaps your little canine prefers jumping excessively on humans, or rummaging through your bathroom trash can? What is a doggie mom or dad to do? A shock collar for small dogs may be the right solution to get your dog to stop these unwanted bad habits. In addition to this, there are bark shock collars for small dogs that effortlessly can stop your small dog from barking excessively.

Whether your dog is big or small, a shock collar can be used on him or her. Success lies in consistency, and choosing the right collar with the appropriate level of intensity. Shock collars for small dogs are a safe, humane and helpful way to eliminate your dog’s bad habits. Also known as e-collars, training shock collars for small dogs (or dogs of any size) work through the concept of aversion training. When the dog is doing something you don’t want him to do, you administer a static correction, which he finds uncomfortable. This teaches your canine that there is an undesired consequence if he repeats this behavior.

Best Shock Collar for Small Dogs

So logically, if you are looking for a remote trainer, you want the best shock collar for small dogs. Here are a few highlights of one of the most popular training shock collars for small dogs.

  • Lightweight collar fits dogs from 8 pounds and up, with neck sizes from 6-28 inches
  • Offers a tone-only button for positive training reinforcement
  • Easy to use remote with large, clearly-marked buttons
  • Can be used to train 2 dogs, with the purchase of an additional collar
  • Both the remote and the receiver collar run on rechargeable batteries
  • Waterproof transmitter and collar. Collar is submersible up to 5 feet
  • Train your dog from up to 400 yards away

Bark Shock Collars for Small Dogs

You may be wondering what the difference is between a bark shock collar and a training shock collar for small dogs. Obviously, the first difference is the purpose it is used for. Although they are both used to correct unwanted behaviors, a bark shock collar is only effective in regards to specifically stopping a dog from barking excessively.

A training shock collar for small dogs requires you to press a button on the remote in order for a static shock to be given. In contrast, a bark shock collar triggers automatically, without you having any responsibility to press a button. The bark collar “hears” the sound of the dog’s bark, and at the same time senses the vibration in the dog’s neck. This combination of events causes the correction in the bark collar to be triggered.