Training Videos

How Can Our Electric Dog Fence Help You?

  • Does your pet enjoy digging up your neighbor’s flowers?
  • Does your dog like to get out of your property?

An Extreme Dog Fence is your solution, and you can definitely do it yourself. It is a simple task!

Just place a complete loop of boundary wire around your property, and connect it to the transmitter. Then, you put a special receiver collar on your dog.

Contain and Train Combo System

  • Designed for medium to large dogs (40 to 180 lbs)
  • Fence: Contain any number of dogs with additional collars
  • Remote Trainer: Train up to 3 dogs at a time. 10 levels of static correction, 10 levels of vibration and a beep only mode
  • Rechargeable: Both the handheld and the remote run on rechargeable, 3.7v lithium ion batteries.
  • Warranty: Register your product and receive a 5-year warranty

Does the gauge of dog fence wire really matter?

Yes, it absolutely does! If you choose a thin and flimsy wire, you get what you pay for. No one wants to dig around in their yard, trying to find out where their wire has broken.

Doesn’t it make more sense to prevent this from happening by purchasing a kit that comes with 14 gauge wire? You have 2 options in purchasing 14 gauge wire, ProGrade and Max Grade.

Collar correction Level programming

A great video that it will help you understand how to program your eXtreme Dog Fence collar correction level.

How to adjust your collar strap

A great video that it will help you understand how to adjust your eXtreme Dog Fence collar strap.

Collar Receiver and Contacts Replacement

This video demonstrates how to install your new Collar Receiver and Contact Points onto your replacement strap for use with your Electric Dog Fence Containment System.