Developed by a team of cognitive scientists and neuroscientists who call themselves CleverPet, the CleverPet device is known as the first dog game console. In its initial kickstarter campaign, CleverPet soared past their goal of $100,000 and reached $123,988.

It works by utilizing a Wi-Fi connection to the unit. It has three buttons, which light up one at a time. In the beginning, the machine gives your dog a treat any time he touches a button. Next, it will only give your dog a treat when he touches a button that is lit up. After that, it creates puzzles for the dog to solve. It even speaks to the dog, saying phrases like “touch blue” or “touch right.”

CleverPet is geared toward keeping dogs entertained and engaged when no one is at home. The creators say this will help keep the dog from getting separation anxiety or behaving destructively. They affirm that CleverPet will help the dog stay away from negative behavior, as they are staying busy and happy.

CleverPet believes that the best part of it is that the dog plays with it while you are not at home. The dog stays busy playing, learning and eating a little bit at a time.

Users of CleverPet should have no worries about if it is too hard for their dog to do. Its difficulty varies on how the dog is behaving. It adjusts its levels in real time, based on how well the dog is solving the puzzles. This means that it is never too hard or too easy. Repetition and consistency are the keys to your dog’s activity with this system.

As CleverPet is Wi-Fi compatible, so dog owners are able to check on the progress their pet is making online or with a mobile app. You even have an option of turning the system off and giving them food, if your dog isn’t doing well with the games.

CleverPet chief dog trainer says that when they developed the device, they did so with the 3 to 5 million dogs euthanized every year in mind. He explains that many of these dogs were given away because they are bored and exhibit destructive behavior.

Can cats use CleverPet? Well that depends on the cat. They explain that some cats are motivated by food and are curious, and others are not this way. However, this being said, the first prototype was tested on the creator’s cat and he was able to operate it just fine. Although they are focusing on its use with dogs, their touch pads were created to work with any type of paw. Although the kickstarter program has been completed, CleverPet can be ordered through their website for $279.00.