In 1973, a wealth of fortunate accidents befell a seasoned businessman named Richard Peck. Mr. Peck, being very observant of the outside world noticed an alarming number of dogs wandering beside the road. He became disturbed by this, as he knew many of them would end up being hit by cars.

How It All Started

Seeing as Mr. Peck adored animals, he decided right then and there that he needed to do something. It became his passion to invent something that would stop dogs from leaving their home and running into danger.

As a result of his drive, determination, and compassion for animals, Mr. Peck designed the world’s first electronic containment system. Developed under the Invisible Fence® brand name, Mr. Peck’s invention became an effective and affordable alternative to traditional fencing.

Evolution of the Invisible Fence®

1973: Richard Peck teams up with an electronic engineer in order to solidify a patent on the world’s first electronic dog fence. His first electronic device attached to a dog’s collar and was similar in size and weight to a deck of cards.

1975: Research was conducted at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine to determine the safety and effectiveness of electronic fences for dogs.

*Studies showed that there were no negative effects on dogs, even long-term. They were proven to be a safe and gentle way to contain dogs.

1981: The size of the Invisible Fence® collar was minimized from 13 ounces to a mere 3 ounces. This means that smaller animals are now able to utilize the system.

1982: The first Invisible Fence® retailer is founded. During the subsequent years, 13 dealers establish themselves along the East Coast and ultimately in California.

1987: At this point, over 17,000 Invisible Fence® systems have been installed. During this time, the business patents over 12 more technologies which improve the effectiveness of their systems.

1995: Certified animal behaviorists, vets and dog trainers are now brought in to lend their insight into training pets on Invisible Fence® pet containment systems. Because of this, training becomes an integral component of the dog containment system.

1996: Invisible Fence® extends its technology to use inside of the home to keep dogs and cats away from avoidance areas. As a result, the very first indoor system of its kind was developed.

2006: Invisible Fence® and Radio Systems® join forces as a conglomerate, located in Knoxville, TN.

2013: Invisible Fence® celebrates their 40-year anniversary. They introduced a wireless, GPS containment fence in which you can program any size or shape of its perimeter.

2015: In 2015, Invisible Fence® boasts 289 dealers, located in 7 different countries.

2017: Invisible Fence® receives an excellent rating for its Boundary Plus® pet containment system.

What’s In a Name?

Since its conception, Mr. Peck’s invention has branched out and is manufactured by other companies, such as eXtreme Dog Fence.

We at eXtreme stand by Mr. Peck’s original vision of positively changing the way that people live with their pets. When it comes to bettering the lives of dogs and their owners, it is never a chore. It is our honor to work on behalf of our customers.

There is more to eXtreme Dog Fence than just our stellar reputation. Have a look at the roots of our predecessors and discover where we are going from here. Ask us how our knowledge and experience can make a difference in the lives of you and your canine.

Moving Ahead

Today, we at eXtreme are thankful to have inherited this electric dog fence technology that has only gotten more intelligent over the years.

Our commitment to remain passionate about the well-being and safety of your pets is strong. At eXtreme Dog Fence, we vow to continue pioneering industry changing solutions with the health and happiness of your pet in mind.

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