The Dangers of Dog Chaining

Also known as tethering, chaining is when a dog is attached to a chain that is tied to a stake in the ground, a doghouse, or a tree, for example. Some dog owners may argue that their dog is an “outside dog” and they believe putting them on a chain is the best way to keep them from running away. However, the reality is that chaining a dog is nothing more than a cruel life sentence that should never be inflicted upon any animal.

How the Dog Must Feel

Every time the dog wants to follow its own natural instinct to run and play, the tether around its neck jerks him or her back into submission. They have a very limited area in which to move around. As a result, they are forced to defecate in the same place where they are expected to lay down and “relax.”

Being constantly on a tether deprives the dog of all social contact with other dogs and humans. The first thing that happens is the dog becomes bored. Boredom turns into frustration and anxiety. Next, the dog is often driven to experience feelings of agitation and aggression.   

What Can Happen as a Result

Through domestication, dogs have become acclimated to being close to humans.

Dogs who spend their solitary lives on the end of a chain are doomed to accept a cruel sentence. Chained dogs that have become aggressive may lash out at humans. Children are especially at risk.

Dogs who live their lives chained up aren’t getting enough exercise. They may be left to bake out in the hot sunlight or freeze in the cold of winter. They may bark continuously out of frustration. Being chained leaves them vulnerable to being attacked by other animals or humans.

Another possible result is that the dog’s tether might become entangled around an object, causing the dog to strangle.

Dogs who try to escape their circumstances may suffer from chains or cables becoming embedded in their necks. When this happens, euthanizing the dog may be the only humane option available.


According to the National Humane Society, chaining a dog “poses serious threats to a dog’s physical and psychological well-being.” There are safer and more humane ways to ensure your dog doesn’t leave your yard, such as erecting a physical fence and utilizing an electric dog fence.




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