A dog that is truly helpful to a doomsday prepper is one whose instincts are to protect and defend their family and property. They guard against intruders, acting as your own personal bodyguard. Dogs who instinctively are inclined to hunting and are a great companion are also quite useful in a doomsday situation. Let’s take a look at some dogs that will truly be your best friend when it really counts.

German Shepherd


The first dog that belongs on this list is the German Shepherd. For a good reason, German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. No other dog is quite as devoted or courageous. It is no wonder that they are trained for police and military service as well as being trained to assist handicapped persons. They are used in search and rescue situations and for drug detection. German Shepherds are extremely versatile, as they are able to excel at just about anything they are trained to do.

If you are lucky enough to have one as a pup, you can train them to be an excellent guard dog. This breed is highly intelligent, friendly and loyal. This highly trainable guard dog will protect your family. They can even be trained to bark only at particular threats. German Shepherds can also be trained to work with livestock. In this case, you will need to get the dog as a puppy and raise him around your other animals.



Another excellent choice for a guard dog, Rottweilers are a strong, powerful working dogs that must be trained well. Rottweilers require a lot of exercise and they can be rather difficult to train. They can be a great family dog as long as they get plenty of attention. Originally bred to drive cattle to the market, Rottweilers have also been used as police dogs and to serve in the military. They have natural instincts that tell them to protect their families and they can become quite aggressive in their defense.

Siberian Husky


A great working dog, the Siberian Husky is a beautiful breed that can literally pull its own weight. The only drawback is that they are an independent breed who must have respect for their owner or trainer in order to work with them. Huskies work well in rural areas, as they were originally bred there. They are ready and able to learn new tasks however despite their beauty, they are not a breed for everyone. Resembling a wolf, the Siberian Husky has been called an escape artist as they tend to get away from their owners. They are an athletic and intelligent breed. A medium-sized working dog, the Siberian Husky was first developed as sled dog.



Whether you have a Golden Retriever or a Labrador Retriever, they are designed to come back to you with what you need. Traditionally, they have been used for bird hunting. This medium to large sized dog are quite loveable, intelligent and well-mannered dogs. Great with children, Retrievers are easily trained. A Retriever will let you know when a stranger is approaching but generally they will not attack them. Their skills are hunting, tracking, retrieving, drug detection, agility, obedience and performing tricks.



Also good for hunting birds, Pointers are also great for noticing predators that are sneaking about. They will show you where a game bird is located and they can usually be trained to retrieve them as well. Their good eyes will detect intruders or predators before you do. Although they are not very threatening, they can be trained to be an alert system. They are an energetic and fun-loving breed that likes to hunt rabbits and birds. When they see them, they alert you by standing tall and still with one foot raised above the ground. This versatile field dog is a rather energetic and fun-loving companion.

Great Pyrenees


Excellent for guarding people and livestock alike, Great Pyrenees will keep predators out of their territory. Several of them working together will drive off bears and other large predators. A male will range for about a mile away.  They are quite sizable and bark aggressively. They will guard and protect both humans and animals.  This beautiful, white dog gives you unconditional love. Originally bred to work with shepherds, Great Pyrenees is a smart dog that works well with people, often in therapy and rescue work. This dog must be trained well. It reaches a full size of up to 160 pounds. A Great Pyrenees requires a lot of socialization, which should start as early in his life as possible. One of his greatest traits is that he is able to determine friend from foe. This is another excellent reason to count on this dog to keep you safe and protected.