The Best Dog Breeds for Working Families

Most people view their dogs as part of the family. For some families, they need a dog who is going to be independent and able to handle being left alone for stretches of the day. But not every dog can handle being alone.

What are the best dog breeds for working families? What other considerations do you have to make when you leave your dog alone for long stretches of time?

What Makes an Independent Dog?

If you work long hours or are involved in lots of activities, you’re likely looking for a dog that is low maintenance. The truth is that no dog is zero maintenance, but there are a number of breeds that are better suited for independent life than others.

Most of these breeds were developed as working dogs, so they are intelligent and alert. Though, this can sometimes mean that their intelligence gets them into trouble. Dogs that are very smart can easily be bored, and this boredom can lead to destructive behaviors. Because of this, it’s important to pick a dog with a good independent spirit but can also tolerate being left alone for long periods of time.

What Makes a Good Family Dog?

While we may want a dog who is independent, we also want one who will be there with love when we get home from work. That’s why it’s so important to strike a good balance.

You also must think about what your family life looks like. Do you live alone? Or do you have small children around? Your home life is going to be one of the biggest contributors to what kind of breed you might want to look for. Getting a dog that strongly bonds to one member of the family might be great if you live alone. But a dog too big or too small might be a bad choice for a house with small children. In the end, a good family dog is well tempered, but fits the structure of your family well.

The Best Dog Breeds for Working Families

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is an ancient breed that is very smart and very headstrong. Because of this, they can give a novice owner a run for their money, but the Chow is also fiercely loyal. Once you win them over, you’ll have an aloof dog that will be fine on their own for parts of the day.

Basset Hound

While the Basset Hound was bred as a hunter, they only thing they’re stalking today is the couch. This breed is also very calm, which makes them a great choice for families. Many people call the Basset Hound “lazy” and the term is pretty apt. They’ll be fine resting until you get home, then probably rest some more.


The Maltese is a hypoallergenic dog, which makes them great for anyone who suffers from allergies. Their small size makes them great for apartment dwellers too. So, if you have allergies and live in an apartment, the Maltese can be a great choice if you’re away from home for periods of time. Just remember that the Maltese wants lots of love and attention, so they’ll be all over you once you come home.


The Bullmastiff is a great choice for families as they are very affectionate and gentle. They are also large and intimidating, so they make great guard dogs. The Bullmastiff will be totally fine relaxing on your couch while you spend the day at work, then you’ll be able to snuggle up with them.


Greyhounds might be known as the fastest dog around, but most people don’t know they put out their energy in bursts. When the greyhound is not running at top speed, they are happy to be left alone for a snooze. Even if the Greyhound is a bit too big your you, their smaller cousin the Whippet has this same characteristic.


While the Dachshund was bred as a hunter, they are happy to curl up for a nap. The Dachshund also doesn’t need a ton of exercise, so they make great companions for apartment dwellers.

Hopefully, this has given you an idea of the best dog breeds for working families. If you’re not lucky enough to work from home, these breeds have great independence.

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