• Improve your beloved pet’s quality of life with the freedom to play, use the bathroom, or just get a fresh breath of air whenever he/she feels the desire
  • 2 magnetic sealing flaps provide even more energy efficiency by reinforcing the barrier that separates the weather outside from the temperature inside
  • Includes a sliding security panel that is easily secured into place with 2 easy-slide locks. Keeps your house safe when you are away
  • Rugged construction. The tough aluminum frame will not deteriorate in eXtreme weather. The beauty and reliability of this pet door will remain year after year after year

Watch your dog’s personality flourish. This freedom to decide when he goes outdoors and comes back in helps relieve:

  • Anxiety
  • Boredom
  • Frustration
  • Depression
Major Credit cards
Dog coming out

Having an eXtreme doggie door for your small dog means that he or she will always have the opportunity to go out and come back in as they please. Logically, this benefits you as well, because your life won’t be interrupted by having to take your dog outside. You understand why a dog door benefits you, so let’s talk about why ours is superior.

Constructed from high-grade aluminum, our dog door frame is not like those mass-produced cheap plastic pet doors you may find in stores. Our eXtreme dog doors are designed to withstand harsh climates that include snow, hard rain and strong UV rays. Because our frame is solid as a rock, you don’t have to worry about replacing it down the road.

Do you already have one of our eXtreme Dog Fence kits? Pairing our dog door with one of our underground fences is your dog’s ticket to safety, happiness and freedom.

Know this. With an eXtreme Dog Door, you will never have to sacrifice the safety and security of your home to enjoy the convenience of having a pet door. Every door we make comes complete with a security panel that locks on both sides. Superior quality, optimal security and aesthetic charm are what make eXtreme Dog Doors stand above the rest.

Dog Door Dimensions
This SMALL eXtreme weather pet door dimensions are:
  • Entry / Flap = 6 5/8″ Wide x 9 1/2″ High
  • Overall = 9 15/16″ Wide x 13 7/16″ High (from 1 1/4″ to 2 1/4″ deep)

Enhance your dog’s and your own quality of life with an eXtreme weather dog door, TODAY!!!

Dog Bored

Stop the Boredom

Your dogs shouldn’t have to be stuck inside all day without a way to free all of their bottled-up energy. Letting your dogs come in and out when they need to means they won’t be as likely to get into trouble because they are bored.

No more accidents

Keep Accidents at Bay

Who wants to come home after a long day at work and have to confront a nasty accident that was left by their furry friends? Your dogs are worthy of having the right to use the potty whenever they feel the need to.

Healthy Dog

Your Dog Deserves the Best

Because your dogs can go outside more often, this means that they will spend more time getting fresh air and exercise. This means that having a dog door contributes to having healthier pets. Who can put a price on that?

Dog Door Structure

Constructed of Solid Aluminum

Virtually unbreakable, our eXtreme Aluminum Dog Doors are manufactured from the highest-quality aluminum, originating in Australia. Protecting your home in even the most intense weather, our eXtreme Aluminum Dog Door is held securely closed with a firm magnetic seal. No worries about intruders, as your eXtreme Aluminum Dog door gives your home the ultimate in safety with its panel that locks securely on both sides.

Easy DIY Installation

Door Installation - Step 01


Take measurements of your pets, to figure out where the template should be placed on your door. With a pencil, mark around the entire rectangle on the template, where you will be cutting.

Door Installation - Step 02


With a drill, make a hole in each of the 4 corners of the template you have placed on your door. Now, take your jigsaw or jab saw and use it to cut out your door opening, by following the pencil guidelines.

Door Installation - Step 03


Take both sides of your dog door, and insert them into the cutout. Tightly clamp them together. Use a drill to make holes for screws around the top, bottom and sides of the overlapping sleeve joints of the external & internal frames.

Door Installation - Step 04


Apply a bead of silicone to cover the outer frame of your dog door, both inside and outside. Another bead should be applied inside of the frame where the overlapping stops. After 2 hours have passed, the clamps can be removed.

Dog Door Installation Video

When you follow this eXtreme Dog Door video, you are certain to have a successful installation. It provides you with a step-by-step visual installation, along with letting you know which tools you will need.

Safe Family
Locking Mechanism

Keep Your Family Safe

Practically indestructible, our eXtreme Aluminum Dog Door is forged from the finest-quality Australian aluminum. Performing excellently even in extreme weather conditions, our eXtreme Aluminum Dog Door opens and closes securely with strong magnets. Sleep soundly, as your eXtreme Aluminum Dog Door offers maximum safety with its securely locking panel.

Dog Door Warranty

5 Year Warranty

Because we are so certain that you will be satisfied with your eXtreme Dog Door, we are offering you a 5-year warranty! If your eXtreme Dog Door should become damaged or bent from any cause, we will gladly replace it.

*5-Year Limited Warranty Covers the Aluminum Frame (not the flaps).

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Dog Door Instructions

Dog Door Manual - English

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 14 × 3 in


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