• Gets pets off furniture fast
  • Emits a startling 85 decibel beep
  • Instantly activated by the touch of a paw, works on cats and dogs weighing more then 5 pounds.
  • Use on chairs, counter tops, beds, in front of doorways, trash cans and the sofa.
  • Requires one 9 volts alkaline battery (not included).
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Product Description

The Sofa Scram™ delivers just enough irritating sound to make the floor seem more appealing than the pet laying on your fancy sofa. It has a soft, paw-activated pad. This flexible, pressure sensitive material acts as a continuous switch.

The Sofa Scram™ is rugged and absolutely annoying when a pet jumps on it. It is instantly activated by the touch of a paw. The battery-operated Sofa Scram™ emits a startling 85 decibel beep that scrams pets off of the furniture quickly! Pet owners love the Sofa Scram™ because it works quickly and effectively, without any static shock required.


12″W, 58″L, 2 1/2″H


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